Vonage Allows Small Businesses To Avoid The Cost Of Employee Personal Calls

Video Conferencing Technology Gives Companies A Big Boost

Vonage has sponsored research which suggests that small businesses are increasingly being force to pay the cost of calls made to 08 numbers by their employees. This is because the employees would prefer to make the call using a work phone instead of having to pay the high cost of the call using their own mobiles.

0800 number calls cost a lot

Whilst many 08 numbers promise customers they will only be charged the local rate, this only applies to calls made from landlines. When a call to an 08 number comes from a mobile phone, the charges are extremely expensive. Mobile telecom service provider Three does include 0800 numbers as part of its call plans but many providers charge their customers anywhere up to 10p per minute. With such a high cost, it should come as no surprise that small business employees are keen to avoid such charges.

Personal calls add to business expense

Vonage conducted a survey of 2,000 workers employed in the United Kingdom. 28 per cent of people polled admitted to not calling specific numbers because the costs were just too high. 20 per cent admitted to using their work phone to make per calls which adds to the phone bill of a small business. The failure rate for new businesses in the UK is approximately 80 per cent and the main reason is financial.

Vonage gets rid of the cost

The question becomes can small business avoid the cost of employees making personal calls using their work phone?  One solution is to ban the practice but that is likely to prove unpopular with employees. Alternatively, the smart option is to use a VoIP telecom solution. Vonage offers a variety of business call plans to provides unlimited calls to any number in the UK including 08 numbers and all for a low-cost fee. Vonage customers can even make use of the Vonage Extensions app which allows users to make calls using their mobile devices with plans being shared with up to two smartphones.