VoIP Is Truly Global

Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing A VoIP Provider

Business are no longer local and are increasingly international as technology makes it possible to transcend borders. Whether companies are small or large, all types are doing deals with prospective clients regardless of where the client is located in the world. Many companies are also encouraging their employees to forget about the typical 40-hour work week and instead stay involved whilst they are on the go.

Frictionless communication

VoIP has played a large role in the process of the shift to remote working and increasing the geographical reach of the business. It provides a frictionless mechanism for effective communication without causing any disruption to the business. In 2012 global VoIP revenue was $43.27 billion according to Future Market Insights and there were 98.9 billion registered subscribers. FMI predicts that within two years there will be 204.8 billion corporate subscribers globally and the industry will generate $86.20 billion in revenue. For companies the value proposition is that they can reduce their calling costs by as much as 90 per cent.

Huge savings

Typically, a business will save anywhere between 50 to 75 per cent when they migrate from traditional fixed lines to VoIP technology. Smaller companies tend to see bigger savings. Even a large enterprise such as Dell was able to cut its costs by $39.5 million as well as reduce carbon emissions because employees could telecommute. One case study suggests that companies that had 30 phones and switched to VoIP were able to save $1200 every month off their phone bill.

Many advantages

Many conversations are filled with pauses or silent spaces. VoIP fills all the silent spaces with data whilst traditional telecoms solutions continuously keep sending data even when there is a pause in the conversation. VoIP also eliminates redundancy and introduces compression. VoIP allows for virtual faxing which saves on paper and enables excellent customer services which delivers favourable brand recognition.