VoIP Priorities 

Five Reasons Why Remote Working Is Taking Over

When choosing a VoIP system, you need to keep the real priorities front and centre. If for example your main concern is quality, then you should not fixate on cost. If functionality is key then you will be disappointed if the VoIP system you have selected does what it should but doesn’t have all the features you need. Remember a system that has all the features you need will probably make employees more productive which is another way to save money.

Be realistic

You should also establish a realistic time frame for migrating to VoIP. Some vendors may claim there is no delay but you should be fully prepared for communications to cease at least for a short period of time. So, take a seat and calculate the amount of time you expect the migration to take and then double or even triple it if you want to be on the safe side. Avoid rushing the migration, work in time for a pilot roll out and if that succeeds, you can replicate the whole organisation.

Don’t bin everything

You should also decide what you intend to do with the old phone system. If you have a number of old phones that are still in good condition you may well be able to continue using them with your VoIP system for employees that don’t need all the features of VoIP. You may wish to use them in areas available to the general public or in difficult to manage areas like factory floors.

Have a contingency plan

Ensure you have contingency plans for operations and business continuity and understand those plans will have to change because you need to deal with issues such as doing business when the network goes down. You should have a backup for your primary ISP and if voice is critical you should have some way to have a phone service if the internet outage is total and that could well mean retaining some old phone systems.

Know your needs

Finally you should ensure you are cognisant of the needs of your customers and employees when you choose a phone system. This means understanding what features are needed by your employees and what are unnecessary. You should consult stakeholders and map out what processes involve phone systems and also talk to front line staff who manage the processes and see whether they can be improved upon. This could include designing your system so that customers who call your company don’t end up being lost in a maze of menus.  If you do not think you have the expertise to manage this yourself, contact VoIP consultancy.