VoIP Patent Troll Initiates Legal Action Against Amazon For Alexa Patent Infringement

Three Things You Should Know About VoIP

VoIP technology company Voip-Pal.com has initiated legal action against Amazon accusing the company of infringing its patents in Amazon’s Alexa calling and messaging services. Voip-Pal claims Alexa’s calling and messaging service uses patented technologies for voice and video calls. Voip-Pal says the same 4 patents that the company has also accused Apple of infringing have also been infringed by Amazon.

Alexa allows users to make VoIP calls

VoIP-Pal currently owns a portfolio of patents in the VoIP space that the company is seeking to monetize. Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice assistant that allows users to make calls or send messages to supported devices and telephones on traditional networks. Alexa’s calling and messaging services work with a range of Amazon devices including Echo and Fire, as well as Android and iOS devices.

Tech companies battling for dominance

Voip-Pal CEO Emil Malak says after taking a close look at Amazon’s Alexa and platform and Echo range of products, the company has found that their calling and messaging functions infringe its patents. Amazon’s decision to enter the communications space seems to be part of a much wider trend of massive tech companies doing batter for dominance through the provision of internet-based communications that integrate with traditional telephone networks.

The company has legal action pending against several giants

Mr Malak says he hopes that the situation with Amazon will be resolved amicably noting that his company’s patents have over nine years remaining on their term. During that time other companies are prohibited from using the technology covered by those patents without a license. He adds that whilst Voip-Pal prefers to avoid litigation, if Amazon and other tech giants do not respond the company will be forced to do so in order to enforce its patents.  Currently the company is engaged in legal action against AT&T, Twitter and Verizon.