VoIP Is Revolutionising The Way Business Is Done 

A Brief History Of VoIP

VoIP has revolutionised the way business is done. There are immediate savings to be had from long distance calls costs being reduced dramatically. Companies can also integrate VoIP with modern software platforms such as Salesforce. Rather unsurprisingly many businesses are opting to make the switch than ever before. Here are just a few of the ways VoIP is changing the way companies operate and the way they do the business.

VoIP reduces a major business expense

Companies that run call centres or have far flung operations that need to collaborate can generate large savings by switching to VoIP phone services. The technology makes use of the global internet architecture and this means making calls to any location in the world is essentially a local call. That in effect eliminates long distance charges from the phone bill plus large companies in particular can save because VoIP phones can be connected directly into the existing LAN.

VoIP scales quickly

VoIP also scales inexpensively and very easily in comparison to traditional landlines. The latter requires separate equipment to support the users in an office and if the number of users needs to increase, businesses need to wait for the phone company to turn up and install equipment. With VoIP adding or removing lines involves nothing more than informing your service provider you need another user. At most the only hardware that is required for purchase is a handset for the desk.

Multiple ways to make VoIP calls

Traditional phone technology makes use of copper networks which means that in order to use it, you will need a handset that plugs into a physical network. VoIP in contrast uses the internet which means plenty more options for making and receiving calls. Any device that is connected to the internet and has a mic and speaker can be used as a phone. This means mobile devices, computers and traditional desk phones. It is also incredibly easy to assign and change numbers as well as use your phone in multiple locations.

Integrate Voice Data with Other Communication Channels

Another major reason large scale organisations opt for VoIP is the ability to integrate voice with other digital communication tools. This is known as Unified communications platforms and they have had a revolutionary impact on the way companies collaborate and interact with their customers. Analog technology simply cannot integrate with digital systems, VoIP on the other hand is able to merge with other digital technologies.