VoIP Is Extremely Compelling

VoIP Enhancement Makes It A Decent Alternative To Landlines

The rise of VoIP has changed the way companies communicate and is becoming more popular by the day. The technology can greatly improve communication by allowing businesses to use their IP networks to make and receive calls. There is no need to worry about the constraints attached to regular phone systems. Many companies switch to VoIP because it has so many advantages when compared to traditional phone systems. Not only is it easy to use, it is also accessible and mobile. There are a number of benefits that we go over.

Flexibility and accessibility

The big advantage with VoIP is its flexibility which allows employees to work remotely and travel. Phone calls are made by converting voice into data and then transmitting it over the internet. It can also be a cloud-based solution that can be taken anywhere. All that needs to be done is to have a VoIP phone adaptor that can be plugged into a landline socket wherever you are and the VoIP number is good to go. It is an extremely practical solution for companies that need to move offices or employees who need to move floors. As long as you remain connected to the IP network, the number remains unchanged.


VoIP also ensures that you never have to miss a call again because the call can ring on multiple devices. The first few rings will go to the office phone, the next few rings will occur on either your phone or laptop. Another very useful feature is that VoIP can be synched with video and conferencing platforms. The voicemail forwarding feature means there is no need to check emails every few seconds. You can also park a call, placing it on hold head to a different location and continue with the call using a different device. Auto attendant is also extremely useful that plays an automated message that provides an option menu to the caller.

The verdict

Maintenance is something that doesn’t need to worried about at all since it is completely covered by the provider and the cost is the biggest single advantage. VoIP is much cheaper than traditional telephony costing as little as £15 to cover the cost of setup, equipment and maintenance. After that the only costs incurred is the monthly subscription fee for the service and the cost of your internet connection. Since a traditional line can cost almost 4 times that amount, VoIP is extremely compelling.