VoIP Enables Companies To Be More Flexible

Governments And Charities Also Making Use Of IP communications

Businesses have quickly adopted the buzzword of flexible in order to describe themselves. This makes a lot of sense because both the market and technology are changing at such a rapid pace that businesses are being forced to adapt in order to survive. If a business wishes to be flexible, it needs to make sure that the tools it relies on to get things done are also flexible and that includes their communications systems. This is why some many companies have turned to VoIP in order to handle their communications requirements.

Making Communication More Flexible

One of VoIP’s main attractions is the ability to move a phone without either having to install a new line or reprogram the device. Wherever there is an open network connection, you can plug in a VoIP phone. All you need to do is simply plug the phone into the open jack. Many phones also act as micro network hub which means you can use both a desktop and a phone with a single port. VoIP phones are also portable so this means if an employee shifts, they can simply take their phone with them into the new office and just plug it in.


Mobility is a big advantage, allowing people to work and be contacted no matter where they are. They can plug their phone into their home internet connection, or connect to a hotel network. Most VoIP solutions do not even require a separate handset to work and make use of softphone applications that allow users to make and receive calls using their computer. If you use the right VoIP solution, your employees can even use their mobile devices to make and receive calls through an app that turns their mobile into an extension of their desktop phone, ensuring they can always be reached.

Cost Flexibility

Flexibility is not just a function of mobility. There are plenty of options available when it comes to costs. Many service providers such as Vonage VoIP have multiple plans to meet the needs of businesses no matter what their size. As companies grow or shrink, they can simply adjust their plan to meet their needs. VoIP also saves money. By using the internet to make and receive calls, you will be saving cash especially if those calls are being made to numbers overseas. Some plans charge the same fee no matter whether you are making a local or international call.

Doing more with less

Additionally, if your employees use softphones and calling applications, businesses save more money because they don’t have to purchase handsets for their employees. These days you can get the same set of services and features on a softphone that is installed on a computer or mobile device as you can get from a $200 handset.  There is no doubt that VoIP technology allows companies and their employees to be more flexible when it comes to communications. Given mobility and cheaper costs, companies can now do so much more with less.