VoIP Can Help Businesses Provide A Positive Customer Experience

Pay As You Go Is The Best Way To Manage Your Business

No business can survive without customers. Without customers a company is little more than a shell. Customers are the be all and end all of a business which is why so many companies spend so much time seeking to present the best image of themselves. The phrase ‘the customer is king’ has most certainly withstood the test of time. This is because it is without question completely true. Companies wishing to attract and retain customers need to ensure they have the best possible experience when using a product or service.

Customer service is a great way to differentiate

For companies that do not have pots of money to spend on branding and advertising, the only way to differentiate themselves from the competition is by providing exceptional customer service. Thanks to the advent of VoIP smaller businesses cannot deliver a first-class customer experience. Because the technology is not limited to the physical phone system, it is possible to respond to customer queries outside of regular trading hours. Remote working that VoIP enables means that businesses can always respond to queries immediately.

Streamlining the customer experience

The big attraction for small companies to VoIP is its low cost in comparison to traditional communication solutions. Call backs are very inexpensive for example, because the numbers called are toll-free which does away with long-distance charges. Where VoIP really earns its value is through the streamlining of customer queries. Previously when customers contacted a company they would end up on hold for what seemed like hours. When they finally spoke to a human they would find themselves being passed from one person to the next as if they were a football.

Single point of contact

Thanks to VoIP, when a customer contacts a company it is now possible for a single person to handle the query from beginning to end of the process. Even if the customer calls back a number of times it is possible for the customer to be put through to the same representative every time they call doing away with the need for them to have to explain their query multiple times to different representatives. The rep that is handling the query will be familiar with all the details and will be well equipped to provide a solution that handles the issue with the greatest effect.


Another major bonus is the personalisation of VoIP services. Traditional phone services offered pre-configured packages to their customers. This is obviously not ideal because all customers have the same requirements and every case needs to be handled uniquely. The best VoIP service providers will also carefully monitor their networks to ensure that suspicious activity is spotted and eliminated well before it becomes a problem, ensuring that customers never have to experience a corrupt or malfunctioning network.