Why You Should Use A VoIP System For Your Customer Service

VoIP Technology Is Mainstream

If you run a business regardless of its size, you need to provide quality customer service so that customers are able to receive the support and information they need. Many companies are now starting to use VoIP based business communications systems and this is a real game changer because such systems offer much more functionality and deliver better customer satisfaction when compared to traditional phone systems. So how exactly does VoIP elevate your company’s customer service to the next level?

Improved accessibility

Usually the first interaction a customer has with a company is by phone when they call to inquire about product, service or they are seeking customer service or support. Customers are becoming more demanding and expect personalised services that solves their issues quickly and efficiently. VoIP is a complete communications system that makes it easier for companies to communicate more effectively with their customers.

Answering calls quickly

Customers hate being passed around from one representative to the next, repeating their issue multiple times. They want to receive assistance when they need it. By using a VoIP solution, customers are able to self-select the department or employee they wish to speak to and have their calls answered quickly and issues solved immediately. There is no need to put them through the trauma of long wait times and disorderly queues.

Always able to speak to someone

VoIP allows call forwarding which means employees can always be available to customers even if they are not sitting at their desk. In fact, a VoIP solution can be configured to ring sequentially so if one employee is not available at a particular moment, the customer is still guaranteed to be able to speak to someone who can help them. This means you can eliminate customer frustration altogether.

Optimised auto-attendant

Virtual receptionists are a great way to organise the customer service experience by directing callers to where they need to go. The user experience is painless and there is no need to pay for a human receptionist to manage calls.  Virtual receptionists offer pleasant greetings and deliver the relevant information to the caller through an easily navigable menu.

Toll-free number

No matter how big or small you company is, a toll-free number is useful and thanks to VoIP the ability to offer one is no longer expensive. Toll-free numbers are a great way for developing your company’s reputation and making it more accessible to customers. Toll-free numbers allow customers to contact you no matter where they are in the world without having to worry about paying long-distance charges.

Direct phone numbers and extensions

When clients have access to direct phone numbers of employees, better relationships can be developed. VoIP allows all employees no matter when they are in the world to have their own phone number which can even be integrated into their mobile device. This means they will always be reachable and customers will be impressed with the support that is provided.