Use A Virtual Phone Number To Expand Your Business

A Brief History Of VoIP

Virtual phone numbers are a great way to improve the image of your company because they allow you to have phone numbers with any local area code or international code. This means by using one you can attract customers from outside your local area and grow your business. If you want to expand for example, there is no need to set up a new office in another town and hire a new set of staff. All you need to do is use a virtual number that customers can call for the same price as a local call. By using Vonage, you can set up as many of these virtual numbers are you need but there are a few other reasons why virtual numbers are so useful.

Go local to win business

You may well be a small business and want to attract customers who are not local to your area. Customers may believe you to be too far away in order to deliver great customer service. By using a second phone line with an area code located in the area you are seeking to attract customers from, it is highly likely that customers who may have called a competitor previously will give you a ring instead.

Reach international markets

Suppose you want to attract international customers but aren’t quite ready to establish overseas operations. By setting up a virtual number you can run an international business right from the comfort of home. The UK is home to people of all nationalities so you won’t have a problem finding staff with the necessary language skills, so why not take the plunge and stump up for an international virtual number without having to invest a huge amount of money setting up a new office overseas?

Improve your image

When it comes to business, image is everything. This means it is critical that you appear to be capable of competing with much larger rivals. If your business is not located in a big city for example, by making use of a virtual number with a London area code, you can inspire confidence with your customers, partner and suppliers.