Three Ways VoIP Can Help With Marketing

The Case For Switching To VoIP Is A Good One

VoIP is simply a technical term for using the internet to make and receive telephone calls. It is extremely useful and small businesses will be able to exploit huge opportunities the technology presents. VoIP enables companies to connect with potential customers and works in exactly the same way Skype does. Instead of having to hand over your Skype handle and look unprofessional, VoIP enables you to give potential customers a phone number instead. Here are three ways of improving your small business marketing strategies by using VoIP.

1. Increase Your Campaign Conversions

Nothing builds trust like communication. According to a study by Salesforce, contacting potential customers by telephone delivers an 8.2 per cent response rate compared with just 0.03 per cent delivered by email outreach. It may seem terrifying to get on the phone and make unsolicited calls, but the research results show this technique, using VoIP will give you a higher success rate. On top of that VoIP allow you to choose an international phone number and make international calls for pennies per minute.

2.Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers wish to be treated with respect and one way to achieve greater customer satisfaction is by giving them choice, which is guaranteed to keep them coming back. Research suggests customers want to feel special and this means providing them with human interaction during customer service calls. Most people want to talk to someone when it comes to customer service instead of sending an email. This is because people want an immediate response which all though can be achieved through instant messenger, means that people want to talk in depth with someone so they can be sure their issue is properly understood.

3. VoIP makes Sales + Marketing work together more effectively

Depending on the size of the company, you may not treat Sales and Marketing as separate departments. If you are a sole proprietor, then it means you are probably doing everything by yourself. Regardless of how big your company is, your results will improve if you separate these two areas. VoIP can help with sales and marketing by making both efforts work together more effectively. The reason for this is VoIP allows for tracking. Understanding which marketing technique allowed you to make the sale is powerful knowledge and it is data all companies should have access too.