Three Great VoIP Features 

VoIP Is Great For Both Businesses And Consumers

No matter how big the company, technological innovation can have profound implications on productivity profit and the ability to successfully communicate with employees and customers. Because business is changing so quickly, making use of technology such as VoIP is critical in order to remain customer centric and top of mind. For those who do not know by now, VoIP is a communication technology that uses the internet to make and receive calls.

Using the internet to communicate

By using the internet to communicate with employees and customers, companies can get rid of their phone lines which obviously means lower communication costs. The way VoIP works is very similar to the way email works. Audio is converted into digital signals which are sent over the internet and when combined with faster internet speeds, means that poor sound quality and dropped calls are a thing of the past. You will now find that calls are often have much better sound quality than those made using traditional telephone networks.

Auto attendant

This function allows companies to direct calls to the right person instantly and can be customised for each organisation. This means that customers get the most relevant information as quickly as possible regardless of whether there is anyone to answer the call or not. Unlike humans a virtual receptionist is available twenty-four around the clock, will never mistakenly share information and will always be professional.


This is a great feature which allows companies total control in the way they manage incoming calls from potential customers, vendors and employees. Voicemail technology is now so advanced that if you happen to be visiting new customers, it can let certain types of calls continue to ring whilst others are sent to voicemail immediately. You can also have your voicemail transcribed into email so that you can prioritise your workday without losing track of whom you need to call and when.


This feature allows you to answer calls no matter wherever you are so long as you are connected to the internet. Traditional phone networks require dedicated phone hardware whilst VoIP technology allows users to answer calls on a tablet or smartphone. This allows employees and executives to answer urgent or work-related calls during trips or when they are at home. This gets rid of the whole phone tag game which is crucial for small and growing companies.