The Importance Of Call Recording Software In VoIP Services

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It has been possible to record calls on feature phones and other types of communication of devices for may years now. However, many companies have never considered it to be an important application. That is understandable because many people do not record their calls because important information is usually more likely to be conveyed through email. Nevertheless, Call Recording is a very useful and important feature that more companies should make use of.

The feature is usually bundled

Whilst emails are great for written communication allowing documents and data to be collected as legal evidence should the need arise; phone calls should also automatically be saved so they too can be used for later reference. Many industries consider this as best practice for legal reasons and the good news is that business VoIP services such as Vonage include call recording as a feature of their service typically with their own special capabilities.

Standalone tools may be better

Whilst many businesses overlook the feature when it comes to evaluating VoIP service providers. Some VoIP services providers are guilty of spreading themselves too thin when they try to provide as many processes and functions as possible. These solutions tend to be weaker than stand-alone tools designed to solve specific issues and this could not be truer for call recording software. Whilst built-in call recording is a simpler experience for the end user, their functionality may well be limited.

More service providers are understanding the importance

Dedicated call recording tools are built entirely around the concept and these solutions can be expanded into related functionality. Most VoIP providers however include call recording functionality simply as an add on and do not consider it as a feature that is worth investing money in R&D. This of course means you will get simple integration and functionality lacking complex features or extensions. Some VoIP service providers have begun to understand the importance and capacity of the feature so gradually it is being seen more as a service than a feature.