The Future Of Business Automation Is VoIP Powered AI

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VoIP is certainly now mainstream with devices such as Amazon’s Echo, Google Assistant and Siri from Apple now common. Businesses are increasingly starting to rely on voice recognition software and many are adding VoIP as their primary method of communication. The results have been mixed, sometimes devices misunderstand and in other instances accurate answers are delivered in less than blink of an eye. Nevertheless, VoIP is now part of the future and that will not change any time soon, so many businesses are making the transition as quickly as possible.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP is basically communication technology that uses the internet instead of a phone network. Many services make use of VoIP including Skype, Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. A service like Skype is different from Google Assistant in that the former uses VoIP to allow people to communicate with other people, whilst the latter uses VoIP to allow people to communicate with machines. These machines can be thought of as an extra employee that allows businesses to keep an eye on inventory or connect to other devices.

The Future Hasn’t Arrived Yet

Whilst the idea of communicating with a computer may seem to be science fiction, we won’t be asking our computers to raise shields anytime soon. There are still a few bugs that need to ironed out. There are problems with incorrect keywords and background noises that prevent VoIP systems from responding correctly and the tech does not have the capability to handle multiple people talking simultaneously. Keyboards will continue to remain in fashion because they are simple and easy to use. As businesses adopt VoIP they will not find themselves in the future but instead will have a feeling of modernity.

They’re Getting Smarter

Duplex which was recently launched by Google is perhaps more futuristic than any other VoIP technology because a machine making a call can sound exactly like a real person. The technology has already fooled people by making small talk and dropping pauses in all the right places. Duplex is actually AI that makes us of VoIP to communicate and is unlike any other technology that has come before it. It is no wonder that many businesses are thinking of using it to manage their customer support call centres.

Keeping Up

VoIP powered AI is clearly the future of business automation. Obviously, we are not living in a Star Trek world just yet but the future will arrive much faster than we anticipate. For now, experts are continuing their work ironing out all the kinks and whose to say what direction we will go in even before all the issues are resolved? Until then businesses will still look much the same as they did towards the end of the last century even with VoIP and flat screen technology.