The Case For VoIP

Cloud Computing Is A Good Choice For SME’s

VoIP is an excellent communication option because it is cheaper and more reliable than wireless or copper networks. It also comes with plenty of features that allow small businesses to use enterprise grade platforms which greatly improves productivity and functions such as customer service. The cost of VoIP is also falling whilst call quality continues to improve and it is now an established technology that the vast majority of companies now rely on.

Millions are switching

As we jut mentioned, VoIP delivers excellent call quality thanks to the roll out of fibre optic networks that deliver high speed internet access throughout the UK. Businesses can continue to reduce the amount of money they allocate towards paying for communication as the cost continues to plummet. Traditional fixed line networks have become obsolete and in fact BT intends to shut down the network entirely in the near future. For these two reasons alone, millions of people are switching.

Well suited to business

The other big advantage is the technology is extremely well-suited to business. VoIP has evolved dramatically since its inception in the early nineties and it is now appropriate for businesses of any size including the largest companies in the world. Mobile data plans also continue to fall in price which means VoIP apps running on smartphones are an extremely cost-effective way to communicate.

Plug & Play

There are a number of other benefits of VoIP for companies besides the ability make cheap calls. Perhaps the main reason why businesses big and small are switching to VoIP is because it is possible to plug in a PBX system complete with soft phones. They can now do away with desk phones and the hardware cost drops significantly. Softphones can be installed on existing devices ranging from smartphones to laptops, which means employees are always going to be contactable.