Small Businesses Can Slash Costs By Migrating To VoIP

VoIP Technology May Reduce Number Of People Pulling Sickies
It should come as no surprise that most if not all small and medium enterprises seek to keep their costs under control in what has arguably been a challenging financial year for the United Kingdom. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a great way to achieve cost savings. The technology is unique amongst cost cutting measures because on top of saving a massive 45 per cent on telecoms costs, it also delivers some wonderful business efficiencies.

Nine ways to skin a cat

According to one survey of Chief Investment Officers, the expenses related to web conferencing fall by an average of 30 per cent following the implantation of a VoIP system. With the uncertainty of Brexit affecting all UK businesses in 2018 and GDP growth likely to remain subdued this year, you can expect many British businesses to tighten their belts well into the foreseeable future. Small businesses that seek to control costs could let under performing staff go, they could cut back on non-core expensive or shift into less expensive premises.

Avoid negatively affecting productivity

All of these cost cutting measures however could well impact productivity negatively. A better solution would be to implement a VoIP voice and data system and migrate away from traditional telephone systems. This will help slash operating costs whilst also boosting productivity of small businesses in ways they probably could not imagine. For a small business owner, every second counts. Stopping and starting vital tasks a number of times over the course of a day to check voicemail for example leads to a 40 per cent decline in productivity for small businesses according to one expert.

Unified messaging

The big advantage with VoIP is its ability to deliver unrivalled multitasking thanks to unified messaging. Start-ups in particular need to be especially careful during uncertain business conditions because they have yet to make the progression into the next stage of their business life cycle. Small businesses are also vulnerable and need to be incubated and as such should be sceptical of expensive telecoms equipment commitments.

Think carefully

Companies engaging in cost cutting exercises need to smart about it and keep productivity. Small and medium enterprises could end up putting their future growth in jeopardy if they do not think carefully about their cost cutting. As such these companies should consider consulting with a telecoms partner and see just how much they can save by making the switch to VoIP.