Make Sure Your VoIP System Is Secure

Small Business Migrating To VoIP

Not a day goes by without experts warning businesses that they need to protect their data and it seems like every week or so there is another data hack compromising personal and payment records of millions of people. These kinds of hacks not only cause companies money but it also damages their reputation. In fact, it is estimated that cyber-crime will cost companies a combined $6 trillion globally by 2021. Many people tend to believe that most attacks are targeted at security flaws and seek access to personal data. In actual fact businesses communications are just as vulnerable so it is critical to ensure that encryption is part of the company telecoms set up.

Why is encryption necessary?

Obviously, communication is central to all businesses and businesses are now migrating from ISDN to VoIP. ISDN which allows voice and data to be delivered over the same line is incredibly secure and there are few opportunities for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities. Despite that fact, it is slow and also outdated technology. As result BT intends to abandon it completely by 2025 which means all companies will have to use IP based telephone systems as ISDN becomes obsolete.

The problem with IP

Whilst we are all aware that VoIP is both agile and flexible it does come with security risk. When we use service like Skype to communicate most of us only think about what we are saying or what we are listening to. Almost no one thinks about how the data is being transmitted and whether that data is being intercepted. These data packets that are being sent and received could contain very sensitive information and this means they need to be protected.

Understanding motives

It is also worth thinking about what hackers are after. Most hackers tend to seek out financial gain, looking for information and data that can be sold for a profit. Others may be looking to inflict damage for reasons of their own whilst a third group take pleasure in causing embarrassment just because they can. If you are looking to ensure your business communications are safe from all three types of hackers then you need to adopt an encryption solution.

Use encryption

Encryption basically delivers and additional layer of defence to your communications systems, making it difficult for a hacker to access the data that is being sent across the network. Encryption will allow companies to defend themselves against toll fraud, where hackers use a victim’s telephone system to call premium rate numbers, racking up huge phone bills in the process. By encrypting your communication system, you can hide it from hackers making it far more difficult for them to gain access to it.

Peace of mind

There is no question that IP-based telephony is superior to ISDN but it does also come with a number of risks that businesses need to pay attention too. By embracing encryption companies can operate with the same kind of peace of mind that they enjoyed whilst using ISDN. By educating yourself and taking action, your company can prevent itself from being caught out by hackers who are always on the prowl looking to do some damage.