Integrating VoIP And CRM 

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The most visionary companies tend to adopt the most advanced technologies as they seek to find better ways to strengthen commercial relationships and improve their business processes in order to deliver growth. Today communication is so much more than traditional telephony, because it facilitates innovation, efficiency, flexibility and integration. Technology such as VoIP integrated with CRM solutions is the best way to take care of the task of communicating with customers and managing relationships.

Exchanging data between platforms

Integrating VoIP with CRM is done by exchanging data between two platforms. Integrating both means the CRM becomes more functional and makes employees more productive. As CRM and business phone systems evolve customer centric companies are poised to reap several benefits. The combination of VoIP and CRM will allow the development of detailed and specific customer relationship profiles that can be used for unique marketing outreach.

Improved customer service

Customer service will be improved because information can be accessed easily since everything is rolled into a single solution that contributes towards a better understanding of customers and a more profitable business relationship. Automation also helps boost efficiency. For example, there is the option of auto call forwarding that saves time for both customer and agent.  Unified platforms allow for companies to follow and monitor the activities of employees even when they work remotely.

Critical information

CRM information is critical for marketing departments who seek to analyse the behaviour of customers and develop strategies around that behaviour. CRM reports and data allow the marketing team to better assist the sales team. Integrating VoIP and CRM into calling data also allows for better assessment of the effectiveness of strategies. An integrated VoIP CRM solution delivers more relevant information to sales team and allows managers to asses the job performance of their sales people.

Pre-integrated platforms

Companies wishing to integrate VoIP and CRM solutions should have a look at the various vendors in the market. Many CRM services now offer pre-integrated VoIP platforms the cost of which include integration setup, deployment and maintenance. It is important to pick a CRM solution that comes with a comprehensive application program interface. API is necessary for VoIP integration because it facilitates two-way communication with both platforms.

Off the shelf

Many off the shelf solutions are able to facilitate integration between a wide variety of CRM and VoIP solutions. It is important to find the right service that is consistent with the fundamental software requirements of the company. Doing so will deliver seamless integration very quickly. For companies with a budget available to them, another option is to hire a developer with experience who can customise the VoIP CRM integration.