How To Migrate To Unified Communications

VoIP Enables Companies To Compete More Effectively

Unified communications is a range of services with voice being the main one. Voice is the starting point for a set of hybrid communications that moves it from analogue to digital. Unified Communications (UC) is driven by VoIP and many companies have been migrating to VoIP for quite some time. Before taking the plunge to a full-fledged UC, it is best to learn how to practically migrate in a phased manner. Communication is a critical part of business so much care should be taken.

Limit exposure

You should limit the exposure by migrating lower priority outbound convenience calling to VoIP. You should also have a back-up plan should you decide your VoIP service isn’t performing at the level you expect. Bandwidth is important during migration however it is unlikely that VoIP will experience any issues when it comes to LAN.  This is because very little bandwidth is used and there are few issues such as latency, jitter and packet loss on LAN.

Business grade broadband is necessary

Another factor to consider is the broadband network used by your UC system. Moving from a dedicated line to broadband is a big deal because companies are using a media gateway that may well work perfectly but still deliver terrible call quality because of an unreliable broadband connection. Make sure your broadband service meets its service level requirements. Whilst basic broadband may do the job of connecting branch offices and work fine for browsing the web, you will need to upgrade to a more expensive business grade broadband service in order to obtain the service levels necessary for UC.

Analytics are key

Leased lines deliver consistent bandwidth over the course of the day whilst regular broadband can and does change and impacts UC.  Success is measured by the happiness of the users and because that is subjective you should continue to assess it. You should know what analytics your vendor makes available for your UC gateway which should include traffic breakdown by type. You should be able to obtain real-time analytics as well as historical data. With the right analytics in place you will have all the necessary tools to ensure you successfully migrate to UC.