Hosted VoIP Solutions Are The Way To Go

Cloud Computing Is A Good Choice For SME’s

Business have many choices when it comes to their communications infrastructure. In order to save money on IT expenses or because they simply lack the IT resources, many companies of all sizes are increasingly attracted by a hosted VoIP solution. This is where the VoIP solution is essentially a cloud based phone system and the service provider is the one who houses the IP PBX in its data centre. The provider is responsible for all the technology and all the customer needs to do is make sure their phones are connected to the internal network.

Easy to manage

The most obvious advantage with a hosted VoIP solution is they are easy to manage because most of it is done for you. All the software updates and maintenance are taken care of by your service provider. IT departments simply need to work with the service provider to ensure everything is working smoothly. Instead of spending lots of time managing your communications network, your IT department has more time to spend working on other important tasks.


You can never tell how fast your business will grow, but if you experience a growth spurt, then your hosted VoIP will be able to expand at the same pace. There is no need to install new lines or increase the capacity of your network. All you need to do is increase your monthly fee so that you have the capacity to handle your business requirements. Hosted VoIP solutions are incredibly flexible and this means they are ideal for companies that need to add short term capacity say at Christmas for example when they may have to deal with seasonal customer service.

Cost Savings

Hosted VoIP solutions are extremely cost effective. There is no need to fork out for large upfront costs or make huge investments in a phone system or equipment nor is there any need to have to pay maintenance fees. Instead all companies need to do is pay their monthly subscription fee to their service provider. Fees of course will vary depending on the plan that is best suited for the company but because they are regular payments it makes it easier for companies to budget and plan for technology related expenses.

Always Up-To-Date

 On premises solutions means companies have complete control of their communications infrastructure this means they are responsible for upgrading their own systems. Whilst this does mean flexibility, every time there is a new software release, it will cost money to deploy plus IT departments are the people who will have to implement the deployment. This is not the case with a hosted VoIP solution. You can guarantee you will have the latest and greatest software updates. New features will be rolled out continuously and you will not have to do anything on your end because your company will always have the most up-to-date-solution.