Why It Is A Good Idea To Move Your Telecom Solution To The Cloud

Cloud Computing Is A Good Choice For SME’s

The migration to hosted solutions from premises based ones is taking the IT world by storm. There is good reason for this. Companies receive the same or better services and it get rids of the cost of hardware maintenance which is expensive and makes the proposition an easy sell. Whilst your business may already be using cloud based services for email or other applications, it is definitely time to start looking at alternative phone services. A hosted voice solution allows users to have the full functionality of a phone system so long as they can get online.

Move to a digital service

If your company still uses analogue phones you should take stock of the cost of your hardware, maintenance and support because you will be surprised. Apart from cost, traditional phones do not offer many of the feature of more modern technology. Instead of hosting the phone system hardware many companies have opted to make use of a hosted solution that is VoIP based. You can configure your VoIP solution to ring on your smartphone as well as transcribe voice to text and enable the use of softphones which run as an app on your computer with no need for an actual phone.

Better services for less money

Hosted voice services provide companies with a greater range of services at a lower cost. They also provide small businesses with a range of features that in the past only large companies could afford. The lack of a physical phone system in the office means there is no requirement for tech specialists to manage the system and there is no need to spend money on updating and upgrading because it is all online now. There is no need to subscribe to features your company doesn’t need. It is also very easy to add new phones or an entire location if necessary. When you look at the potential to save money you will realise why it is such a good idea to move to the cloud.