For Business The Future Of VoIP Is Now Mobile

VoIP Makes It Possible To Stay Home And Watch Sports

Approximately 8 per cent of US businesses are using mobile phones as their primary business number and that figure is likely to rise rapidly in the future as offices transform in response to a digital and mobile first world. 29 per cent of companies polled said the primary reason for switching to VoIP is they wanted an easy way to forward calls to mobile devices. 25% said they wanted a flexible voicemail system that employees could access whilst travelling. Both responses strongly suggest that the future of business is mobile.

5G will be revolutionary

This means going forward, communications providers will need to invest in technologies built on VoIP. Because bundling features will no longer serve as a differentiator, they will need to compete on factors such as call quality and interoperability. In the years to come 5G will become increasingly available with the technology expected to be able to deliver ten times the bandwidth that 4G is capable of. 5G will obviously mean that VoIP call quality will improve significantly and dropped calls are likely to be less frequent.

The new last mile

The concept of the last mile has evolved from one which is no longer hard-wired into a fixed structure but instead follows the user around wherever they are. Workforces are becoming more mobile and more and more people are opting to work remotely. This means it is becoming critical to empower mobility if service providers wish to differentiate themselves in their business phone offerings. It is estimated that by 2025 digitized telecoms services will deliver a whopping US$2 trillion in operating profit.

Re-inventing voice

As companies support their employees through the deployment of mobility and smart technologies, a new user experience is beginning to emerge. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform telecoms, delivering networks that are more resilient, to offering advanced analytics and better call quality. If you have been thinking about making the shift to VoIP, then the time to do it is now. The technology has most certainly matured and is now evolving at such a pace that traditional fixed line telephony is really very much a dinosaur.