Father Of VoIP Turns His Attention To VR As He Seeks To Build The Workspace Of The Future

Quantum Mechanics Could Change The Way We Communicate

Richard Platt considered to be the ‘Father of VoIP’ has put together a team of specialists who between them have centuries of combined experience in the fields of telecoms, networking, cloud and VR. Mr Platt has constructed his team in order to build what he believes will be the workplace of the future, something he calls vSpatial. The new platform is being developed so that new immersive technologies such as VR can be leveraged to allow remote workers and teams to better connect and become more productive.

Creating VoIP

Mr Platt has been working in the field of enterprise communications for more than three decades and played a vital role in creating and rolling out the first commercially available IP phone in the mid 90’s. That innovation quickly led to the evolution away from traditional fixed line networks to a world that now depends on internet connected phones. Mr Platt sold his company Selsius Systems to Cisco and was responsible for developing Cisco’s IP phone and Call Manager software which has gone on to become a fully-fledged communications product in its own right.

VR can revolutionise the way we work

Mr Platt now sees the potential of VR as a means to evolve the new workspace and as a result has started vSpatial with his Selsius co-founder, David Tucker. Together the pair intend to build a team and plan for the takeover of the workspace by VR. Jon Sallaways CEO of vSpatial says that young professionals place a lot of importance on the ability to work both remotely and flexibly. They also value a sense of purpose and connection with their colleagues.  Through VR, those two priorities no longer need to conflict with one another.

A fully immersive collaborative experience

Mr Sallaways adds that in the future technology will enable people to have a fully immersive collaborative experience with their colleagues no matter where they are located in the world. Mr Platt’s new vision took hold after seeing the explosive growth of VR. He sees a future where the immersive nature of the technology will completely transform the way people work. People are no longer limited to a world that consists of phone, tablet or laptop screen. The power of VR will allow teams to have more screen space than they could ever imagine possible.