Everything You Need To Know About Virtual Numbers

VoIP Technology Is Mainstream
Aside from cost, the main advantage of VoIP is the number of advanced features the technology offers in comparison to traditional phone systems. With so many features available to businesses, it is hardly a surprise that some enterprises miss out on some of the best features or simply do not use all the features that are at their disposal. The best example of an unloved feature are Virtual Numbers, which are a powerful tool that few businesses truly understand how much they can benefit from over the long run.

What is a virtual number?

Also known as Direct Inward Dialling or DID, a virtual number is a phone number that is not tied to any telephone and can be assigned to any device whether that is a hardware desk IP phone or a softphone and mobile app. Virtual phone numbers can be programmed so that incoming calls to the number are automatically forwarded to different telephone numbers. They can work like a bridge between traditional phone networks and VoIP. Technically speaking any VoIP number is a virtual number because they do not require copper lines to connect to a network.

Why your company should use virtual numbers?

The main reason is that there are huge cost savings to be had. Because any number can be used from almost any location, money is saved on long distance calls. Call centres also benefit greatly from virtual numbers because they allow sales people to contact clients using local numbers. This means it is possible to service customers without incurring long distance charges.

Local presence

Companies can create a local presence without actually having one by assigning two or more phone numbers to a specific line. Having a local number makes it easy for a customer in far off locations to contact the company and for company representatives to know who is calling and from where. Another big advantage is that having a local number gives customers a much more personalised experience.

Developing a professional image

Small and medium sized enterprises can build a more professional image that can be projected to customers and the external world in general. This is because an infinite amount of phone numbers can be created which means each service or department within the company can have its own phone number dramatically improving the customer experience.


Because virtual numbers are not tied to a specific phone, employees can essentially work from wherever they are. Additionally, virtual phone numbers ensure calls never go unanswered because they can be routed to a smartphone or other devices when outside the office.