Cloud VoIP Is The Future

Cloud Computing Is A Good Choice For SME’s

It wasn’t that long ago when the world marvelled at Apple’s revolutionary iMessage system that enabled users to send text messages to one another over the internet instead of using a cellular network. Granted at the time, it was only possible to do this if your iPhone was connected to Wi-Fi, nevertheless back then many people thought it was a great and unique idea. Unfortunately, they couldn’t have been further from the truth. We have had access to internet based communication almost since the dawn of the commercial internet. You probably just hadn’t heard of it or spent any time investigating whether it was worth investing in.

How important is VoIP?

VoIP which is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol is basically a communication method that makes use of an internet connection to transmit voice and data instead of a copper wire based network that can take many days to install and require constant maintenance. Without a doubt it is much simpler but you are probably asking just how important could it be to your business and will it provide that much help?

All you need is an internet connection

The most common VoIP devices are either phones or fax machines that are connected to a network. Calls, messages and documents and all their related data can be sent over the network as well as stored on a secure server. That all sounds quite simple doesn’t it? The technology has now progressed to a point where it is possible to make what are known as “cloud calls”. This is basically calling someone over an internet connection who is also using a similar system. Most of you will have heard of services like Vonage which allow you to do this. So the question becomes how can this technology help your business?

Increased flexibility

Well the short answer is the flexibility of VoIP could take your company’s business efficiency to the next level. For example, a key employee may be absent from work. The individual responsible for covering that employee’s work could simply be assigned their cloud phone number without having to arrange call forwarding or re-routing of their calls which is far less practical. All communications are recorded and stored which means it is possible to track and trace conversations. If you have ever participated in a conference call you will know it can be difficult to trace exactly who said what at any given time during the call. This is now no longer a problem with VoIP.

Get in touch with Vonage

Obviously, Cloud VoIP is different to a standard VoIP system that a consumer might use but they are essentially based on the same technology. Cloud VoIP is simply the latest iteration that delivers the greatest flexibility and provides the most options as well offering the best service for the user. This is obviously a brief guide to the service and if you need more information you can always contact Vonage for more details. They would be happy to provide not only all the information you need but a fantastic Cloud VoIP system as well.