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Chinese Government Co-Ops Apple Into Cracking Down On VoIP

iOS app developers who have their software distributed in China have been asked by Apple to remove any software such as CallKit that allows the integration of VoIP calling service into their apps. One app developer posted in a forum that their app was rejected by Apple’s review process because it made use of CallKit. According to the post, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has requested that CallKit functionality be deactivated on any app that is available on the China App Store.

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Three Things You Should Know About VoIP

BT Opens Consultation Period For Communication Providers In Preparation For The Shift To VoIP

BT Openreach has begun consulting with communications providers as it seeks to begin the mammoth task of shifting 16 million phone lines in the UK to VoIP by 2025. Recently BT announced it would shut down its public switched telephone network (PSTN) in the country and migrate all its customers onto a fibre-based network. This means BT will no longer be offering Wholesale Line Rental products which depend on PSTN.

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VoIP Makes It Possible To Stay Home And Watch Sports

Google Calling For Beta Testers Of Its VoIP Upgraded Communications App

Google has done its fair share of experimenting with a number of communication apps and services, many of which more often than not overlap with one another. Some apps have failed to achieve the loving embrace of consumers and have languished in purgatory for years. One could argue for example, that Google Voice got the short end of the stick because as an app it is incredibly useful but not widely adopted. Google seems to be tackling this head on and is preparing for its most important update to the app in a very long time.

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Phone Security

Game Over BT To Abandon Tradition Telephony In Favour Of VoIP

In a sign of the times BT has made the decision to abandon its existing public switched telephone network (PTSN) and instead switch to routing all phone calls over broadband using VoIP technology. What this means in reality for BT is once it has made the switch to VoIP it will no longer offer wholesale line rentals. BT Openreach which runs the network for almost all the providers in the UK bar one says it is beginning consultation next month to work out the best method to manage the transition.

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Ofcom Says Super Fast Broadband Should Be A Priority

VoIP Has Really Come Of Age

It’s rare that technology gets a second act, so it is really surprising to see a tech solution that first made the Gartner Hype Cycle more than a decade ago being touted as if it’s the next big thing. Whilst VoIP first emerged in the mid-nineties its majority adoption phase only began in 2015. Compound annual growth rates from now until 2023 are estimated to be at just under 10 per cent. Part of the delay of widespread adoption can be traced to the financial crisis but after a long period of slow burn, why the sudden interest?

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The Joy Of Working From Anywhere

There is a famous saying that “home is where the heart is”. Thanks to the internet that could not be truer because it has enabled many people to now start working from home. In fact, the trend has become so pervasive that many people are choosing to leave the UK altogether and set up home somewhere else entirely. The people deciding to leave the UK can be split into three main categories.

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WeChat Popular

WeChat’s Success Is Down To More Than Just VoIP and Instant Messaging

WeChat is the dominant messaging app in China and recently hit the milestone of one billion users. Of course, the vast majority of those users live in China and in terms of number of users it still lags WhatsApp 1.5 billion monthly users. WeChat is the jewel in the crown of Chinese tech powerhouse Tencent and there are a number of reasons why it is so popular.

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Pay As You Go Is The Best Way To Manage Your Business

Cloud-Based VoIP Systems Are Perfect For Small Business

VoIP technology basically allows users to make calls using their internet connection. It is far less expensive compared to traditional telephone calls because your voice is converted into data and then travels over the fibre optic network that powers the internet. It also means there is no need to pay for a second phone line if you need another number or add an employee. To find out more about how small businesses in particular can benefit, we took a look a look at some of the services a hosted phone system can provide.

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A Brief History Of VoIP

Use A Virtual Phone Number To Expand Your Business

Virtual phone numbers are a great way to improve the image of your company because they allow you to have phone numbers with any local area code or international code. This means by using one you can attract customers from outside your local area and grow your business. If you want to expand for example, there is no need to set up a new office in another town and hire a new set of staff. All you need to do is use a virtual number that customers can call for the same price as a local call. By using Vonage, you can set up as many of these virtual numbers are you need but there are a few other reasons why virtual numbers are so useful.

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The Case For Switching To VoIP Is A Good One

Why You Should Ditch Your Traditional Landline And Opt For VoIP Instead

The most important thing about running an office for the last 80 years or so has been the need for a telephone line. The fact that after 8 decades we still depend on it is testament to its usefulness as a means of communication. When someone decides to start a new company the first thing they do is obtain a telephone line so they can make sales or communicate with others in the company. Without a phone, there is simply no way to do business.

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