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The Joy Of Working From Anywhere

There is a famous saying that “home is where the heart is”. Thanks to the internet that could not be truer because it has enabled many people to now start working from home. In fact, the trend has become so pervasive that many people are choosing to leave the UK altogether and set up home somewhere else entirely. The people deciding to leave the UK can be split into three main categories.

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WeChat Popular

WeChat’s Success Is Down To More Than Just VoIP and Instant Messaging

WeChat is the dominant messaging app in China and recently hit the milestone of one billion users. Of course, the vast majority of those users live in China and in terms of number of users it still lags WhatsApp 1.5 billion monthly users. WeChat is the jewel in the crown of Chinese tech powerhouse Tencent and there are a number of reasons why it is so popular.

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Pay As You Go Is The Best Way To Manage Your Business

Cloud-Based VoIP Systems Are Perfect For Small Business

VoIP technology basically allows users to make calls using their internet connection. It is far less expensive compared to traditional telephone calls because your voice is converted into data and then travels over the fibre optic network that powers the internet. It also means there is no need to pay for a second phone line if you need another number or add an employee. To find out more about how small businesses in particular can benefit, we took a look a look at some of the services a hosted phone system can provide.

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A Brief History Of VoIP

Use A Virtual Phone Number To Expand Your Business

Virtual phone numbers are a great way to improve the image of your company because they allow you to have phone numbers with any local area code or international code. This means by using one you can attract customers from outside your local area and grow your business. If you want to expand for example, there is no need to set up a new office in another town and hire a new set of staff. All you need to do is use a virtual number that customers can call for the same price as a local call. By using Vonage, you can set up as many of these virtual numbers are you need but there are a few other reasons why virtual numbers are so useful.

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The Case For Switching To VoIP Is A Good One

Why You Should Ditch Your Traditional Landline And Opt For VoIP Instead

The most important thing about running an office for the last 80 years or so has been the need for a telephone line. The fact that after 8 decades we still depend on it is testament to its usefulness as a means of communication. When someone decides to start a new company the first thing they do is obtain a telephone line so they can make sales or communicate with others in the company. Without a phone, there is simply no way to do business.

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Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing A VoIP Provider

VoIP Is Truly Global

Business are no longer local and are increasingly international as technology makes it possible to transcend borders. Whether companies are small or large, all types are doing deals with prospective clients regardless of where the client is located in the world. Many companies are also encouraging their employees to forget about the typical 40-hour work week and instead stay involved whilst they are on the go.

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Cloud Computing Is A Good Choice For SME’s

Hosted VoIP Solutions Are The Way To Go

Business have many choices when it comes to their communications infrastructure. In order to save money on IT expenses or because they simply lack the IT resources, many companies of all sizes are increasingly attracted by a hosted VoIP solution. This is where the VoIP solution is essentially a cloud based phone system and the service provider is the one who houses the IP PBX in its data centre. The provider is responsible for all the technology and all the customer needs to do is make sure their phones are connected to the internal network.

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Three Things You Should Know About VoIP

UAE Residents Revolt Against Government VoIP Regulations

Companies in the UAE are urging the federal regulator to reconsider its policy on VoIP because regulations have beginning to disrupt telecom and video conferencing in the country which is having a negative impact on businesses. Etisalat is the dominant telecom company in the UAE and the government is seeking to support the company by throttling service providers such as Vonage and having them migrate to VoIP services run by Etisalat.

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UK Ranked 15 In Terms Of Internet Competitiveness

How The End of Net Neutrality Could Impact Enterprise VoIP

At the end of last year, the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided to put an end to net neutrality which restricts the ability of ISP’s to limit internet traffic. That was a contentious decision that is likely to be challenged in court and will be watched closely by all other countries. The change should be of concern to anyone who depends on the internet for their communications including the entire enterprise telecom industry.

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Vonage Mobile

A Brief History Of Vonage

Vonage was one of the first providers of VoIP technology which emerged in the middle of the 1990’s as the internet began its inexorable rise to becoming the juggernaut it is today. There were a number of rivals around at the time most famous of which was Skype, however it was Vonage that was the true pioneer of VoIP and the company most people came to associate with the technology at the time. Most people don’t know this but VoIP services started in 1995 by a company called VocalTec which allowed one internet user to call another using an internet phone that the company pioneered that connected to the microphone and speakers of a PC. The only issue was that both users had to have PC’s running the same software.

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