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VoIP Enhancement Makes It A Decent Alternative To Landlines

VoIP Is Extremely Compelling

The rise of VoIP has changed the way companies communicate and is becoming more popular by the day. The technology can greatly improve communication by allowing businesses to use their IP networks to make and receive calls. There is no need to worry about the constraints attached to regular phone systems. Many companies switch to VoIP because it has so many advantages when compared to traditional phone systems. Not only is it easy to use, it is also accessible and mobile. There are a number of benefits that we go over.

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VoIP Enables Companies To Compete More Effectively

How To Migrate To Unified Communications

Unified communications is a range of services with voice being the main one. Voice is the starting point for a set of hybrid communications that moves it from analogue to digital. Unified Communications (UC) is driven by VoIP and many companies have been migrating to VoIP for quite some time. Before taking the plunge to a full-fledged UC, it is best to learn how to practically migrate in a phased manner. Communication is a critical part of business so much care should be taken.  

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Global VoIP Market Expanding Rapidly

VoIP Is A No Brainer

For any kind of relationship to grow, communication is critical. Regardless of whether it is a business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) relationship, this rule holds. Unless you constantly communicate with clients your business will never be able to scale new heights. Many companies big and small are now global and they are able to do this because they have been able to adopt VoIP because it gives them the ability to communicate internationally at a very low cost.

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Pay As You Go Is The Best Way To Manage Your Business

VoIP Can Help Businesses Provide A Positive Customer Experience

No business can survive without customers. Without customers a company is little more than a shell. Customers are the be all and end all of a business which is why so many companies spend so much time seeking to present the best image of themselves. The phrase ‘the customer is king’ has most certainly withstood the test of time. This is because it is without question completely true. Companies wishing to attract and retain customers need to ensure they have the best possible experience when using a product or service.

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Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing A VoIP Provider

The Debate Between VoIP & PSTN

The line is increasingly blurring between VoIP and the public switched telephone network (PSTN) as we reach the end of the age of copper lines and the telecommunications infrastructure becomes fibre. Despite the future being digital, the debate over VoIP vs PSTN remains as many companies are still evaluating a potential migration to IP-based telephony. The decision whether to stay on the PSTN or migrate to VoIP relies companies to take a close look at the technology that powers both telephony infrastructures and comparing their features.

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The Case For Switching To VoIP Is A Good One

How Much Do We Love VoIP? Let Us Count The Ways

Business owners always seek to cut their costs and raise their profits. No matter what the size of your company, you will not be an exception. Every penny counts when it comes to profit and loss, that is why when there is an opportunity to cut down on the phone bill, it must be grabbed with both hands. This is where VoIP comes in handy. The technology converts voice into data and transmits it over the internet making communication possible and making local calls free and international calls extremely cheap.

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A Brief History Of VoIP

VoIP Is The Future Of Telecoms

If you have not come across the term VoIP by now, you must have been living in a cave. This is because VoIP is arguably the most successful technology of the last decade. If you haven’t heard the term, it is more than likely you are already using the technology without knowing. If you are familiar with the term but do not know what exactly it is then you have come to the right place because here is everything you need to know about VoIP.

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Global VoIP Market Expanding Rapidly

British Businesses Shifting To VoIP

VoIP is becoming increasingly popular with UK companies. Since the technology was invented in the 1990’s it has steadily improved and is now at an inflection point with the cloud being used as the primary method of hosting VoIP phone systems. Some people may still be wondering whether the technology is for them and their business and we are here to answer that question. VoIP basically converts voice into digital signals that are transmitted over the internet. This makes it very inexpensive and attractive for many companies.

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VoIP Subscribers Expected To Grow Rapidly Until 2020

New EU Satellite System Galileo To Come In Handy For Emergency Services

The European Commission has given its approval to a set of new regulations that will require the newest smartphones to include satellite and Wi-Fi location in order to improve emergency services so that callers to the services can be located quicker and more easily. Smartphones sold within the EU will now need to have an integrated chipset featuring the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) which has the ability to access the EU’s Galileo satellite system which delivers extremely accurate timing and positioning information.

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VoIP Makes It Possible For New Law Governing Right To Flexible Working

Calls To Allow Free VoIP Services In UAE Grow Louder

The calls for lifting the ban on VoIP in the UAE is getting louder. Discussions are raging on social media regarding the potential lifting of the ban. Some UAE residents claim they have been able to make calls using WhatsApp within the UAE. The regulator has dismissed the claims and says they are simply rumours. Recently prominent businessman Khalaf Al Habtoor publicly stated that VoIP services should be freely available to everyone.

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