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Video Conferencing Technology Gives Companies A Big Boost

How To Maintain A Start-Up Culture As Your Company Scales

Congratulations! You made it, most start-ups never get that far but there is a downside. The more successful businesses become the more complacent they tend to get and somewhere along the line, the spirit of innovation is lost. As your business grows larger you run the risk of your size tying you down by bureaucracy. This means it is critical that you embed the spirit of your start-up in the company’s DNA. This is a guide on how not to lose your start-up spirit.

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The Case For Switching To VoIP Is A Good One

VoIP Phones Explained

VoIP phones can come either as a piece of hardware or they can be software. Regardless of which version you use, they both make use of VoIP technology to send and receive telephone calls over the internet. These phones basically covert analogue audio into a digital format that is then transmitted over the internet so you can have conversations. VoIP or IP phones have features not provided by traditional telephones.

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Five Tips For Making Your Business Seem More Professional On The Phone

A Small Business Guide To Internet Marketing

If you are a small business and looking to expand your marketing reach, you should try combining the concept of a tribe i.e. a group of like-minded people who comprise a community with your marketing in order to build a powerful tool that deeply connects your company with your customers and transcends your brand. This type of approach to marketing however is much more of an art than a science so in order to guide you through the process here are a few tips to deliver relatable services that your chosen audience will find appealing.

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Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing A VoIP Provider

How Does VoIP Work?

There are few different ways VoIP technology works, the first is through what is known as an ATA or analogue telephone adaptor. The ATA allows you to connect your regular phone to your computer or internet connection so you can use VoIP. This adaptor allows users with phones dating as far back as the 80’s to connect to the internet and use VoIP and this means you can do away with large phone bills for good.

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Pay As You Go Is The Best Way To Manage Your Business

Five Tips For Small Business Owners Wanting To Scale

It’s not easy establishing your own business and achieving growth is rarely straightforward. That is why there is plenty of advice about how to deal with the growing pains that start-ups and small business face as they seek to scale and expand. Running a business can be exhausting and as small business start to grow, the daily challenges they face start to change. Even if the leadership is highly competent, having good people combined with good technology simplifies business operations and ensures efficiency. Here are a few common misconceptions that prevent companies from achieving their full potential as well as a few tips.

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Ofcom Says Super Fast Broadband Should Be A Priority

Why Businesses Choose VoIP

Traditional telephone lines are still dominant when it comes to business communication, however that is changing because there are plenty of occasions where they are simply inappropriate. For example, if you intend to participate in a lengthy conference call with someone on the other side of the planet, its going to cost a bomb. Instead companies would be better served by opting for VoIP which uses the internet to make and receive calls and costs far less.  Many of the world’s biggest companies have already adopted the technology because it is feature rich, reliable, affordable and flexible. Here are a few reasons why your business should adopt VoIP if you haven’t already.

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Three Things You Should Know About VoIP

Some Basic VoIP Questions Answered

Many of us will have come across the acronym VoIP but still don’t know what it is or what its benefits are. Anyone who uses a smartphone or computer to make calls will be familiar with the term VoIP which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Broadly speaking the technology uses the internet to transmit and receive voice data and is not that much different to making a phone call using a regular telephone line. Technically however, there are some major differences.

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VoIP Technology Is Mainstream

Why You Should Use A VoIP System For Your Customer Service

If you run a business regardless of its size, you need to provide quality customer service so that customers are able to receive the support and information they need. Many companies are now starting to use VoIP based business communications systems and this is a real game changer because such systems offer much more functionality […]

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A Brief History Of VoIP

A Guide To The Future Of VoIP

An increasing number of companies are opting for VoIP technology because they see the value it adds to their organisations. VoIP is obviously not a new technology and has been around for nearly two decades now. However, it is only now that the technology is receiving the recognition it truly deserves. Here are five trends that are set to change the VoIP adoption rates.

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Cloud Computing Is A Good Choice For SME’s

Cloud VoIP Is The Future

It wasn’t that long ago when the world marvelled at Apple’s revolutionary iMessage system that enabled users to send text messages to one another over the internet instead of using a cellular network. Granted at the time, it was only possible to do this if your iPhone was connected to Wi-Fi, nevertheless back then many people thought it was a great and unique idea. Unfortunately, they couldn’t have been further from the truth. We have had access to internet based communication almost since the dawn of the commercial internet. You probably just hadn’t heard of it or spent any time investigating whether it was worth investing in.

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