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A Brief History Of VoIP

How To Choose The Best Softphone

Softphones need to be well designed and have plenty of features to be effective and useful. Most important is the user interface (UI) where all the functionality must be displayed, smoothly integrating voice operation and workflow. Most softphones tend to look a lot like traditional telephones complete with display panel and button for user control, quite a lot like standard phone interfaces. Aside from the UI there are plenty of other things to consider when selecting the right softphone so here is a guide to making an informed decision.

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VoIP Is Great For Both Businesses And Consumers

The Three Types Of VoIP Solutions

The ability to communicate is critical for all companies, but the technology is part of a much larger unified communications framework that allows users to interact with one another through voice, video, instant messaging and file sharing. These days VoIP platforms offer all of this functionality through a single system. VoIP essentially converts voice into data and transmits it over networks using internet protocol. However, the mixing of voice and data creates both advantages and disadvantages.

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Five Reasons Why Remote Working Is Taking Over

VoIP Vs Traditional Landlines

VoIP has transformed the way companies interact with customers by delivering cheap scalable solutions for companies seeking growth. There are a number of differences between VoIP and business landline services including costs. If you are thinking about adopting VoIP you will need to figure out which will work for you. This post should serve as […]

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Ofcom Says Super Fast Broadband Should Be A Priority

The Importance Of Call Recording Software In VoIP Services

However, many companies have never considered it to be an important application. That is understandable because many people do not record their calls because important information is usually more likely to be conveyed through email. Nevertheless, Call Recording is a very useful and important feature that more companies should make use of.

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The Case For Switching To VoIP Is A Good One

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Softphones

With the way things are going in the telecoms industry, by now everyone must have heard of VoIP and the term softphone. Whilst many people may not actually know what a softphone is, they are more than likely aware of the word. Most people will probably find that they are actually already using a softphone without even being aware they are. If you are one of those people who have heard the term softphone but do not know what one is, here is an explanation of the term.

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VoIP Technology Is Mainstream

Everything You Need To Know About Virtual Numbers

Aside from cost, the main advantage of VoIP is the number of advanced features the technology offers in comparison to traditional phone systems. With so many features available to businesses, it is hardly a surprise that some enterprises miss out on some of the best features or simply do not use all the features that are at their disposal. The best example of an unloved feature are Virtual Numbers, which are a powerful tool that few businesses truly understand how much they can benefit from over the long run.

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Phone Security

VoIP Phones Are A Great Way To Communicate

There was a time when traditional old school telephones came in different varieties and colours. Back in the day landline telephones were the only way ordinary folk could communicate with one another, because mobile phones and other devices were either to costly or impractical to own. These days, thanks to new technologies and especially the internet, it is possible to communicate through voice messages and calls without the need to be connected to a fancy phone.

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VoIP Technology Is Mainstream

Switch To VoIP Now

VoIP is the alternative to traditional copper wire-based phone networks and businesses of all sizes are increasingly turning to the technology as they seek to cut costs as well as take advantage of its most advanced features whilst streamlining and improving their communications. Companies also prefer the fact that the technology is future proof because typically these are cloud based solutions and vendors ensure that the latest technology is always deployed.

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VoIP Technology May Reduce Number Of People Pulling Sickies

Small Businesses Can Slash Costs By Migrating To VoIP

It should come as no surprise that most if not all small and medium enterprises seek to keep their costs under control in what has arguably been a challenging financial year for the United Kingdom. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a great way to achieve cost savings. The technology is unique amongst cost cutting measures because on top of saving a massive 45 per cent on telecoms costs, it also delivers some wonderful business efficiencies.

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Global VoIP Market Expanding Rapidly

A Few Things You Should Know About VoIP

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is essentially a technology that converts audio into digital signals that can be transmitted over the internet. Its major advantage is cost, VoIP is far cheaper than traditional telephony and as a result many small businesses have increasingly been adopting the communications solution. A cloud VoIP solution provides almost infinite flexibility and is extremely scalable with extensive features.

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