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Global VoIP Market Expanding Rapidly

A Few Things You Should Know About VoIP

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is essentially a technology that converts audio into digital signals that can be transmitted over the internet. Its major advantage is cost, VoIP is far cheaper than traditional telephony and as a result many small businesses have increasingly been adopting the communications solution. A cloud VoIP solution provides almost infinite flexibility and is extremely scalable with extensive features.

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Five Reasons Why Remote Working Is Taking Over

Short Guide To IP Phones

A VoIP phone uses hardware of software to send and receive voice data over the Internet. These phones convert analogue audio into digital signals that can be sent and received over the internet and reconverted back into standard audio. IP phones have many features and capabilities that traditional telephones simply lack. If you have yet to convert to using an IP phone here is a short guide to IP phones.

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The Case For Switching To VoIP Is A Good One

Tips For Small Businesses Choosing A VoIP Service Provider

No matter how small your business may be, it is critical that you have the ability to communicate constantly. If you haven’t considered switching by now, you should think about opting for a VoIP communication system. VoIP solutions help increase profits by lowering costs and do not require a huge investment making them perfect for small companies. Businesses can opt for a virtual phone number and even purchase a toll-free number that will allow their customers to contact them for free.

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work from home

Tips On How To Work From Home Effectively

For many people working from home may seem like the dream, but in reality, in order to do it successfully, one needs a well-planned schedule and a great deal of motivation to be productive. We have a few tips that will ensure you don’t end up procrastinating and ensure your home office is as efficient and profitable working environment as is possible. All you need to do is stick to a few simple rules and avoid the temptation of rising late and spending the whole day in front of the television in your pyjamas. Instead you should wake up every morning to the huge potential of working from home.

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VoIP Enhancement Makes It A Decent Alternative To Landlines

VPN’s Are Useful For VoIP

VoIP is a technology that allows people to make calls using the internet through service providers such as Vonage. The technology basically converts voice into digital data and this means it is really cheap to use. The cost effectiveness of VoIP is its main selling point and in most cases is almost free if you are on Wi-Fi or on a mobile data connection. The drawback is that not everywhere has internet connectivity and, in such instances, you will have to make a more expensive regular call.

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VoIP Technology May Reduce Number Of People Pulling Sickies

How To Start A Business On A Limited Budget

All businesses require capital when they are just starting off, but very few people understand that even with small amounts of money or even no money, there is still plenty of things that can be done. For example, there are thousands of free apps available for mobile devices or PC’s. You can get free software that will help you do everything from organise your time to staying on top of finances. If you are wondering about what else you can do on the cheap, here are few hints and tips for starting a business on a budget.

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VoIP makes Flexible Working Possible

Four Reasons To Bin Traditional Landlines And Switch To VoIP

If you run a small business or work from home and are looking for a high quality, inexpensive, flexible and easy to set up phone system, you will probably find VoIP is the answer you have been looking for. For all businesses, communication is critical however traditional landlines that use copper wired networks are no longer appropriate. In fact, BT is abandoning the technology all together, so it is probably a good idea to switch to a business VoIP plan such as those offered by Vonage. Here are six reasons why you should make the switch today.

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Ofcom Says Super Fast Broadband Should Be A Priority

Apps That Will Help Self-Employed Individuals Improve Their Productivity

If you are self-employed and are your own boss more often than not you will have a heavy work load with lots of things to do. This means it can sometimes feel as if you have no time to focus on growing your business. If you are overwhelmed by the number of tasks you have to get through every day, have no fear we have just the thing for you. No matter whether you are a start-up, work from home or freelancer here are some productivity apps that should make your life just a little bit easier

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work from home

Small Companies Need To Think Big

Even if you happen to be a single person business working from home, that doesn’t mean you have to think small. In a market where there is fierce competition you need to give potential customers a reason to call you rather than a rival. You can give them this kind of confidence by making your business seem professional and look bigger than it is. If you are wondering how you can go about achieving this goal, well you are in luck, here are a few tips on how to give the perception of appearing like a big player.

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Three Things You Should Know About VoIP

Three Tips For Switching To VoIP

Whether you are migrating from a traditional phone system or simply switching VoIP service providers, making the change can be difficult and can cause some disruption to employees’ productivity. This means before making the change, it is important to prepare and take a number of steps to ensure smooth operations. The most important things that need to be considered during preparation are bandwidth, call loads and emergency contingencies. Here are the things you should be thinking about before flipping the switch to VoIP.

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