Bitcoin VoIP App Now Available In Google Play Store

Global VoIP Market Expanding Rapidly

Apparently, there is rising demand for VoIP services in the bitcoin world. By allowing bitcoin payments, users are able to retain a certain level of privacy when making use of global VoIP features. There is even a new Android app called the Bitcoin Disposable VoIP Phone which has been featured in the Google Play store which apparently provides all this kind of functionality and much more.

Be careful of unknown third party vendors

You should be aware that new mobile applications developed by unknown third parties should be treated with much caution. This is because it is not immediately obvious what objective of these applications are. There are several malicious mobile apps that have appeared in the past targeting bitcoin users. That being said the Bitcoin Disposable VoIP Phone app does seem to be a legitimate solution though you can never be too careful.

No need to buy to download

The new application seeks to provide an important service to bitcoin users globally. There is no requirement to purchase the app in order to download it. But you can buy voice and text minutes to make use of the services. The app users will obtain a second phone number that can be used on either Android tablets or phones.

Get a second number

Included in the supporting features is the ability to send text messages as well as its main purpose of making and receiving calls. There are no roaming charges and you can make calls wherever you are in the world which is nice. At present the only countries whose numbers are supported are US, Canada and the UK. Over time more countries will be added to the list. A disposable phone number is a valuable thing regardless of what activities one is engaging in.

Cryptocurrency users will love the app

Users have the option of pre-purchasing packages that provide unlimited talk and text. Alternatively, they can opt for pay-as-you-go. If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast then the Bitcoin disposable VoIP phone can be quite a powerful tool. It is not guaranteed that this app will be successful and we will have to see how it performs over the long run. Check out the app in the Play Store by be careful when you send your bitcoins to an unknown third party.