Another Short Guide To VoIP 

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VoIP as we have described countless times is a way to make phone calls using the internet rather than using a traditional landline or even mobile phone network. The technology works by converting voice into digital signals and then using the internet to transmit that data. There are plenty of benefits that come with using VoIP, chief among them is that it is far cheaper than traditional telephony and in fact some calls actually cost zero. VoIP does a lot more than simply allowing companies to save money and here is a short guide.

No need to be in the office

It is no longer required for people to be in the office to be able to connect to their phone. It is now possible to receive business calls direct to their smartphone. In fact, the smartphone can be used to access the office directory and make and receive calls just as if one were sitting at their desk in their office using a VoIP system app installed on their mobile.

Using the smartphone

It is possible to use VoIP services on a smartphone in a couple of ways. The first method is through an app such as Skype, or WhatsApp but this is only possible so long as the person you are calling has the app installed as well and access to the internet. If that happens to be the case then these apps are fee to use and really easy.  The second method involves using the dedicated app created by the company who provides landline services.

PC and tablets

You can also use your computer or tablet to make and receive both voice and video calls. VoIP can be accessed wherever you work from and comes with all the functionality that could possibly be necessary. You can even use VoIP to send and receive faxes plus calling a landline or mobile device will be billed to your company. Another useful feature is that the number you choose to use travels with you no matter where you have happen to be in the world. Now there is no need to miss out of any important calls or get back to your desk to be confronted by hundreds of voicemails.

CRM integration

VoIP can be integrated with CRM, email and desktop support. In order to make VoIP work, you will need a decent broadband connection. It is preferable to subscribe to an unlimited plan so you have the freedom to talk as long as you want. In order to have the best VoIP experience you will need FFTP and you will need to subscribe to the services of a VoIP service provider like Vonage. You will also need a compatible phone and if the phone plugs into the internet then make sure your have a router that is compatible as well.

Make the switch

If you want to use your computer to use VoIP you will need to have a headset or speakers and a microphone. If you plan to by a headset then spend the money to buy a good one. VoIP is taking over the business world thanks to its functionality and the cost savings. If businesses continue to migrate to VoIP services at the same clip they are, then it is highly likely that at some point traditional landlines will become a thing of the past. If you haven’t yet decided to make the switch to VoIP, perhaps it is time to do so now.