Android Oreo To Make VoIP Experience Better On Smartphones

Vonage Mobile

It’s no secret that for years now smartphones have had the ability to make and receive VoIP calls. There are a ton of third party applications such as Vonage VoIP that can be installed on a device. When it comes to the Android operating system however, VoIP calls were not treated in the same way as traditional phone calls. This is all set to change with the introduction of Android Oreo, the latest version of the operating system that will soon be released.

The volume keys

The main change with Android Oreo is how volume keys work when the screen is turned off during a VoIP call. Whenever you are speaking to someone, regardless of whether you are using VoIP or traditional services, the proximity sensor will detect that an object i.e. your head is close to the screen and will temporarily shut down the screen. When this takes place whilst making a traditional or VoIP phone call, you can still adjust the call volume using the hardware volume keys.

Adjusting volume

Smartphone users have always had the option of manually turning the display off and locking the device using the power button whilst still in the middle of a VoIP or traditional phone call. The phone call can continue to take place; however, the device no longer makes use of the proximity sensor to detect whether you have moved the phone away from your head. If you are making a traditional phone call though, you could still adjust the volume of the call through the hardware buttons.

VoIP and traditional calls treated the same

Before Android Oreo, smartphone users were not able to adjust the volume using the hardware buttons when they were on a VoIP call. If a user tried to change the call volume after manually locking the device in the middle of the call using the power button, they would find they would be unable to do so. With the latest operating system from Google though, this issue has now been resolved and VoIP calls work in exactly the same way as a traditional telephone call. Hardware volume buttons now work even when the screen is locked. So make sure you upgrade to the latest version of Android as soon as possible.