Amazon To Launch Echo Connect

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Amazon has incorporated a voice controlled speaker phone into its Echo speaker. The feature is called Echo connect and prior to its introduction, the only calls you could make from an Echo speaker were to another Echo speaker. Now however users have the ability to call any contact listed in the user’s phone address book. This means calls to landlines, local businesses and overseas can be made. Here is everything you need to know about Echo Connect.

What is Echo Connect?

Echo Connect as is its name suggests connects to a user’s existing phone line or VoIP account and enables your Echo speaker to work exactly as is if it were a speaker phone. You can ask Alexa through your Echo speaker to call anyone and it will make the call using Echo Connect.

Does Echo Connect require anything?

Echo Connect requires three things, a phone landline or VoIP connection, a compatible Echo device and the Alexa app installed on your mobile device. The latter is required so Alexa can synch with your phone’s address book so it can call people and also let users know who is calling them.

How does Echo Connect work?

We do not have a lot of details at present, but what we do know, you connect Echo Connect to your phone line through a phone jack and then synch your phone contacts with the speaker using the Alexa app. This will enable users to simply ask Alexa to call a number when they want to get in touch with someone.

Answer a call

You can also receive calls on your Echo speaker courtesy of Echo Connect. The home phone will also ring but if you happen to be in the kitchen and want to talk hands-free, you simply ask Alexa to answer the phone. Another feature is Alexa will also announce who is calling which is really useful.

When will Echo Connect be available?

Amazon will make the Echo Connect feature available on Echo devices to US Customers from December this year. UK users will have to wait until sometime early next year.