A Small Business Guide To Internet Marketing

Five Tips For Making Your Business Seem More Professional On The Phone

If you are a small business and looking to expand your marketing reach, you should try combining the concept of a tribe i.e. a group of like-minded people who comprise a community with your marketing in order to build a powerful tool that deeply connects your company with your customers and transcends your brand. This type of approach to marketing however is much more of an art than a science so in order to guide you through the process here are a few tips to deliver relatable services that your chosen audience will find appealing.

Identify and conquer

Before you can identify who your tribe is, the first thing you need to do is determine your niche. This will enable you to understand who your audience is and what you need to do in order to get their attention. From here you will be able to appeal to the unique ties that hold your tribe together and create content they find valuable and positions your business as a leader within the community. You need to stay on top the latest ways of reaching these groups because the internet is increasingly fragmenting and making it more difficult to build a connection with your customer. Contrastingly, the internet also facilitates direct conversations between communities where brands or companies are often not invited.

Get engaged

Once you know who your tribe consists of, you need to work out the best way to engage with them. According to the latest research Twitter based tribes tend to create their own language, so you should study how they interact online which will allow you tailor brand messages and make then relevant and authentic for your audience. The information you learn will also allow you to develop products that specifically appeal to them.

Market your message

The job of marketing is not to reach everyone, but instead identify the most relevant niche you can sustain communication with. You need to learn which social networks your audience prefers and try to understand how they behave on social media. Your marketing should inspire your tribe to tell stories about themselves across all the various channels they engage with. Wherever possible, try and host the discussion on your own website and allow your audience to be as transparent as possible. Do not aggressively try to manipulate or leverage your online tribe because that could end up in backlash and have negative repercussions on your campaign

Evolve with your tribes

One of the most important things you should be aware of is that no tribe stands still. People’s opinions and views constantly evolve and it is very likely that a tribe you may have originally been targeting, starts to splinter into smaller micro-tribes. You should be aware that this is possible and try to model what your future consumer landscape will look like and how customer needs will change over time.