5 Reasons Why VoIP Is Great as a Second Phone Line

Traditional telephony has gotten terribly expensive particularly when you compare it to the increasingly prevalent VoIP solutions on offer such as Vonage. Here are five reasons why we think signing up for Vonage as second phone line is a no brainer.

  1. VoIP has gone mobile and with the advent of smartphone connectivity through the Vonage Extensions app, you are always available on your Vonage number no matter where you are.
  2. Vonage is much cheaper than traditional telephony. You get unlimited calls to UK landlines which means you never need to worry about bills.
  3. Cheap international calls due to cost advantages of using a VoIP service like Vonage. Put it simply VoIP is loads cheaper than your traditional telephone solution if you are calling abroad.
  4. Vonage VoIP comes with great call featutes as standard with no extra charge including call waiting, 3-way calling, visual voicemail.
  5. Choose your own phone number and area code with a Vonage premium plan. This means you can have a local number for your customer to call.

and a bonus reason!

  1. Keep business calls separate from home calls. If you run a small business from home you’ll know the situation where you kids pick up the phone to an important potential client … not the most professional introduction to your business! With a second phone line you can keep personal and business calls separate.

If you still haven’t made the transition to VoIP for your telecom needs, now is the time to start thinking about it. Quality and reliability have gotten much better and once you get accustomed to using Vonage we have no doubt that what used to be your second phone line will rapidly become your main phone line.

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