Vonage VoiP Becoming Increasingly Popular

Market research firm Pew Internet has released a report which suggests that nearly a quarter of all internet users in America have made phone calls using VoIP services.

This is a dramatic shift from 2004, when the same number said they were merely aware it was possible to use the internet to make telephone calls, with the majority admitting that they had never tried to use a service like Vonage VoIP.

Fast forward to this year, and Pew Internet’s 2011 report now suggests that as much as 19 per cent of the entire US adult population, or nearly a quarter of all adult internet users in America are making at least some of their calls over the internet.

The popularity of VoIP services like has surged for a number of reasons, the main one being that they are either completely free of charge, or at the very least, much cheaper than placing long distance calls on traditional phone company networks. Increasingly offices have begun to exploit VoIP for their phone and video conferencing requirements, and families have begun using VoIP providers such as  they seek to reduce their monthly phone bill.

According to the study in 2011, on any given day, nearly five per cent of American internet users place phone calls using VoIP. Smart-phones are also playing a large part in the increase.

“In the current survey, we found that 7% of cell phone owners had participated in video calls or online chats with their handheld device,” said Pew.

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