Vonage Makes A Compelling Choice As Second Phone Line

For those of you who are not entirely sure about VoIP, a second telephone line from a provider such as Vonage functions in just the same way as any other phone. You simply pick up the phone and dial and when someone calls you, your Vonage based phone will ring and you pick up the phone and answer the call.

People who don’t understand the concept of how Vonage works have no need to fear. The only thing that needs to be understood is that the technology used by Vonage is different from that of traditional phone lines. Usually a phone is physically connected to the provider’s exchange, and the calls are delivered over the providers copper or cable wires. Vonage however works through a broadband internet connection.

The traditional phone line has a socket into which your handset is plugged into. When you get a Vonage VoIP phone, you simply unplug your phone from that socket and plug it into a Vonage adapter, which is connected to your modem or router.

Vonage phone’s are portable, in fact they can be best described as being somewhat of a hybrid between a traditional fixed line telephone and a mobile phone. With Vonage your phone line and number are embedded into the equipment which means you can install it and make and receive calls from wherever you are.

Vonage offers a both inexpensive and flexible second phone line option using your existing broadband infrastructure. Packages start from just £18.98 to set-up with no requirement to pay a monthly rental fee that is usually part of a traditional telephone service providers package. Vonage also does not charge for calls by the minute, offering a low cost call plans and some packages which provide unlimited calls.

Vonage also does not charge for separate call features such as call waiting and call divert. Vonage packages come with 20 call features included as part of the package.
If you haven’t already, you should definitely consider Vonage as a strong contender for a second phone line, or indeed bin your existing line and use it as your primary service.

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