Vonage Great For Business Too

These days it’s impossible to visit an office without hearing about VoIP, which is increasingly popular because of its cheap prices and effective telecom solutions for business. Instead of using the copper telephone lines of traditional services, all communications traffic is funneled through your internet connection instead.

How VoIP Saves You Money

VoIP is particular effective at saving money for businesses, freeing up money that would have spent installing new phone lines. Services such as Vonage VoIP provide equipment that connects directly into your network, offering pricing plans that are very competitive with traditional business phone services. Vonage will even install its service along with hardware into the homes of your telecommuting employees.

All the usual features are available on a VoIP service, including caller ID, voicemail and video conferencing. The service also provides unlimited long distance calls and becomes a system that eventually falls under the control of IT departments.

What VoIP Services Offer

Vonage VoIP offer a Small Business Premium Unlimited plan that offers long distance calling domestically and to many countries in Europe. The service also supports your number ringing on as many five different lines. Along with all the regular features, you get 500 minutes of outgoing calls. The best thing about it is you can simply take your Vonage adapter with you and stay connected wherever you are so long as you have an internet connection, it’s as if you were in your office.

Vonage is also available as a mobile application, for any mobile phone number you specify or as an Apple or Android app. The phone adapter comes with the Small Business Plan, which enables you to use your existing telephones through the Vonage system.

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