VoIP Essential For Flexible Working

Both British employers and employees are increasingly realizing the efficiency and benefits of flexible working procedures, particularly with the Olympic Games.  Many London businesses are using flexible working arrangements as a solution to employees being caught up in Olympics related  traffic and disruption.

Flexible working has several dimensions, principally allowing employees to work from remote locations away from the office. Other arrangements include permitting employees to work different hours and also offering employees incentives for the completion of work when it is needed.

Tom Ball who runs the company NearDesk and uses flexible working says one of the chief benefits of  a flexible work strategy is its it saves money. Permanent desks cost cash, even when the person using the desk is not actually in the office. A flexible work arrangement means better use can be made of space.

“The other advantage [of flexible working] is around talent. A lot of people leave great jobs because the commute and the lifestyle that comes with the job is just horrible, so flexible working is a great way to keep the very best people,” Mr. Ball said.

If you do plan on deploying a flexible working perhaps the best tool which enable you to do so will be investing in a VoiP service such as Vonage VoIP. Such a system enables staff members to communicate from where ever they are at low cost.

This means if your employee if working from home and a VoIP system is in effect, they are easily contactable. Your employee could be travelling and still contactable of their Vonage mobile app.

As a result of the Olympics many companies are now trying out flexible working, and following the climax of the Games on the 12th of August, many more might be willing to continue.

Voip phone system by Cloudphonesystem, on Flickr

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