Using Vonage To Make Cheap Overseas Calls

Using Vonage To Make Cheap Overseas Calls

If you want to make an international call using the internet, then you need a broadband telephone service like Vonage. Vonage VoIP makes use of your existing handset and broadband connection to make calls over the internet as opposed to the traditional telephone line. All that you need to do is make use of a Vonage adapter that the company provides which connects your phone to your modem or router, and you are ready to make low cost international calls.

Your traditional telecom provider will charge you for every minute you are on the phone. Vonage works differently, it allows you to sign up for a specific call plan of your choice, and there are several to choose from that include plans for just a few countries to plans that provide calls to up to 45 different countries globally. The plans enable users to pay a set affordable monthly fee whilst making unlimited free calls to landlines and some mobile in the countries included in your plan choice.

Occasionally you will need to make an international telephone call to a country that is not included in the plan you have chose. Those calls will attract a charge, however since the cost of using the internet to place a telephone call is so cheap Vonage is able to pass on huge savings to customers, and its international call rates are extremely competitive. Vonage customers can also upgrade their call plan or switch to one which has fewer countries whenever they feel like by simply logging on to their account.

So consumers no longer need to purchase international calling cards and pre load them with cash simply to place an overseas call. There is also no longer any need for people to remember to dial a code before the telephone number in order to take advantage of a tiny discount. Using the Internet to make international phone calls and calling someone abroad is no different to calling them locally. You can relax and talk for as long as you like!

These days having an internet phone means that users can simply pick up the handset and dial the number as they normally do. There is no reason to be tied to your computer, and in fact your computer need not even be on. So long as you have access to broadband, an internet telephone service can be used to make cheap international calls.

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