Mobile VoIP Charges To Drop Substantially

If you are one of the thousands of Britons who travel abroad regularly either for business or even tourism, then investing in a VoiP solution such as Vonage VoIP may well help them save cash compared to traditional phone services.

According to Donald Strachan a technology expert, mobile phone charges incurred from calls and messages can become quite expensive quickly. The good news however is that a ruling from the European Union means that costs are falling.

One area that is going to get much cheaper is data roaming charges which have been limited to a maximum of 70p per Mb, which will fall to 45p this year, finally dropping to 20p by 2014. This is in sharp contrast to the £3 charged by O2 right now.

Consumers and Business travellers may therefore want to subscribe to a mobile VoIP service, and use the Internet to make and receive calls rather than use their traditional carriers.

The new EU rules are effective from the first of July, and also affect the cost of mobile phone calls whose tariff rate is set to drop to 29p per minute. Consumers will still find that VoIP makes more sense.

Trefor Davies of the Internet Telephony Service Providers Association says that he expects mobile VoIP will result in large numbers of consumers and businesses saying goodbye to their traditional phone service and opting for making IP calls from their handset.

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