Implementing VoIP Solutions Can Improve Employee Morale

Investing in technology is critical in the world of business. Companies that tend to rely on obsolete solutions or equipment that is outdated will end up finding they cannot compete with rivals effectively and end up falling behind.

This problem is easily solved however and requires just a little bit of expenditure on the part of the company. The spending should result in improved performance.

Research from Hornbill Service Management suggests that IT departments of companies that do not invest end up costing their company’s
53 per cent of workers polled in a survey said their IT department was failing to meet the needs of their business. A lot of the times this has resulted in employees taking their own initiative in order to improve the situation. One method is the use of personal devices in addressing the need, with over 40 per cent of workers admitting they had done so.

“This data shows that if the IT department can’t adapt to these changes and support new devices and ways of working, it won’t only be unable to keep pace with the needs of the business. It could also become divorced from the needs and expectations of users,” explained Hornbill’s Patrick Bolger.

One easy improvement companies can make is to transfer their telecoms requirement from traditional phone lines to VoIP based services. Using the internet for telephony will immediately cut costs and improve productivity as well as enable workers to work remotely.

Another more visceral advantage of VoIP is better employee morale. Workers can quickly become disillusioned with employers who do not invest in the latest technology. Adding VoIP based solutions such as Vonage VoIP into the mix is a good way of improving staff sentiment.

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