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Small Business Migrating To VoIP

Small businesses are increasingly migrating to VoIP solutions although many continue to rely heavily on both landline and mobiles according to tech firm Software Advice. The report polled over 350 businesses during 2013-2014 and found that over half of prospective buyers were spending money on VoIP solutions for the first time. The major concern for buyers was scalability and reliability and no buyer was interested in an on premise IP-BBX.

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VoIP Technology May Reduce Number Of People Pulling Sickies

There are many ways VoIP technologies and video conferencing can improve the bottom line for many businesses. A new report highlights the fact that cutting down on employee absenteeism could well be one of the main contributors.

PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted research recently which showed that employee sick days cost UK businesses over £23 billion a year, with an estimated one third of that amount attributed to the phenomenon of people pulling the so call sickie.

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VoIP Makes It Possible To Stay Home And Watch Sports

It’s been a busy summer of sports and if companies and consumers are worried about their ability to remain productive , then there are numerous benefits that come from the use of VoIP technology.

According to Alan Ritchie Managing Director of PC World Business, VoIP technology is just one of a number of advances that can keep consumers and businesses humming, even as more people think about mobile work environments.

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VoIP Has Overcome Some Major Hurdles

It is getting harder for both consumers and business owners to ignore VoIP technology says one leading expert.

Tracy Watson writing in Business 2 Community says that whilst VoIP technology has been around since the mid 1990’s in one form or another, the technology has really come into its own, making it compelling for both business and consumers alike.

Previously the technology was held back by a number of hurdles such as both callers had to be connected to their computers with poor call quality. Today, happily, neither of these issues remains a problem.

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Small Businesses Need Super Fast Internet Connectivity

VoIP solutions such as Vonage VoIP are growing increasingly important for consumers and businesses alike who need to be able to access high speed internet connectivity.

Mike Cherry the national policy chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in an interview with the Financial Times says that nearly 5 million small enterprises in the UK have good reason to be optimistic as a result of the gradual economic recovery however there are a number of factors which continue to act as a constraint.

Aside from scarce skilled labour and access to credit, persistent poor broadband is often cited as being a barrier to growth and this means it should be a priority for the government if it wants the economy to grow.

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Ofcom Says Super Fast Broadband Should Be A Priority

Telcoms regulator Ofcom is urging the British government to ensure there is a basic level of superfast broadband connectivity throughout the UK so consumers can benefit and businesses are not left behind.

The communications watchdog released a new report which found that parts of multiple cities across the country are lagging with certain areas not able to obtain superfast broadband because many operators prefer rolling out services in wealthier areas in order to maximise profits.

According to Ofcom a lot of attention has been give to the condition of rural broadband projects which face their own problems as a result of extreme location of many communities. However there is simply no good reason why urban areas do not have internet connectivity of at least 2 Mbps.

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VoIP Makes It Possible For New Law Governing Right To Flexible Working

The UK has implemented new laws governing employment which will allow all employees to request flexible working hours and will enable more people to work from home or other remote locations.

This right used to be exclusively for carers and those people who work with kids, however that privilege has been expanded to all workers which means that 20 million people in the UK now have this right which previously was not the case.

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UK Ranked 15 In Terms Of Internet Competitiveness

As broadband increasingly becomes ubiquitous the uptake of technology such as VoIP by both businesses and consumers is likely to accelerate in the coming years.

Akamai Technologies which provides cloud services recently released its State of the Internet report outlining the first quarter of 2014 and analyses various trends in internet adoption on a global and quarterly basis. The report showed that the adoption of broadband technology was on the rise in the UK though there is much more progress that still needs to be made.

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Governments And Charities Also Making Use Of IP communications

For many companies, video conferencing has become a mission critical business application.

The ability to cut costs whilst still obtaining the benefits of face to face interaction can be used by different organizations with a variety of aims. One example is the growing adoption of the technology by public bodies and charities.

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VoIP makes Flexible Working Possible

There is a growing chorus for employers at small and medium enterprises (SME’s) to offer flexible working options for their employees.

As of June 30th, an employee who has held a job for more than six months will have the option of asking for flexible working options from their employers. Employers will retain the option of refusing the request if they believe that granting such a request would be detrimental to their business, however most people agree in most cases that will not be a problem.

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