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Amazon To Launch Echo Connect

Amazon has incorporated a voice controlled speaker phone into its Echo speaker. The feature is called Echo connect and prior to its introduction, the only calls you could make from an Echo speaker were to another Echo speaker. Now however users have the ability to call any contact listed in the user’s phone address book. This means calls to landlines, local businesses and overseas can be made. Here is everything you need to know about Echo Connect.

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Android Oreo To Make VoIP Experience Better On Smartphones

It’s no secret that for years now smartphones have had the ability to make and receive VoIP calls. There are a ton of third party applications such as Vonage VoIP that can be installed on a device. When it comes to the Android operating system however, VoIP calls were not treated in the same way as traditional phone calls. This is all set to change with the introduction of Android Oreo, the latest version of the operating system that will soon be released.

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VoIP And Virtual Reality Likely To Be Integrated In The Future

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace, that it is difficult to keep up. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Virtual Reality (VR) are technologies that look set to be massive in the future and both are expected to be adopted by individuals and businesses alike. They both share the fundamental feature that the consumer is able to interact with audio in a dynamic manner. VoIP needs no explanation when it comes to the use of audio, but VR technologies can also help to make audio more interactive which will be an added bonus for VoIP.

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Switching To VoIP Is Simple Common Sense

By the end of this year a staggering 1 billion people will be using VoIP technology to communicate with one another according to Juniper Research. The reason for the rising trend is that VoIP services offer clients regardless of their size feature rich IP telephony that is as much as 50 per cent less expensive than traditional fixed line telephone networks. VoIP rates fell many years ago because interconnection rates between telecom networks plunged. The average savings from using VoIP technology can range from anywhere between 30 to 75 per cent.

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Why Small Business Is Avoiding Adopting More Technology

The latest research suggests that there is evidence showing the positive benefits that small businesses derive from increasing use of mobile and broadband services. There are some obvious benefits to the wider UK economy if small businesses were to further increase their use of these types of services. In this post, we will look at some of those benefits and some of the barriers to increased adoption.

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VoIP Allows Companies To Operate Efficiently

Technology continues to evolve and has now grown to match our expectations in terms of speed and advancement. All this advancement has enabled us to do amazing things using the internet. One such advancement is VoIP which allows people to make and receive telephone calls using a broadband connection. But what does VoIP mean for companies and why should they choose this technology for their communication requirements?

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Why It Is A Good Idea To Move Your Telecom Solution To The Cloud

The migration to hosted solutions from premises based ones is taking the IT world by storm. There is good reason for this. Companies receive the same or better services and it get rids of the cost of hardware maintenance which is expensive and makes the proposition an easy sell. Whilst your business may already be using cloud based services for email or other applications, it is definitely time to start looking at alternative phone services. A hosted voice solution allows users to have the full functionality of a phone system so long as they can get online.

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Amazon To Embed VoIP Into Alexa Operating System

There is no question that Amazon’s Alexa voice controlled operating system is a huge success. Not only does it successfully deliver voice interaction that actually works but it has already created a working SDK around it that allows it to scale and adapt to a range of devices and features. A new patent filed by Amazon shows where the company is looking to expand upon Alexa and the direction appears to be one in which Amazon is looking to compete in every space including the market for telecoms.

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Bitcoin VoIP App Now Available In Google Play Store

Apparently, there is rising demand for VoIP services in the bitcoin world. By allowing bitcoin payments, users are able to retain a certain level of privacy when making use of global VoIP features. There is even a new Android app called the Bitcoin Disposable VoIP Phone which has been featured in the Google Play store which apparently provides all this kind of functionality and much more.

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