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VoIP Can Massively Change Your Business

VoIP phones are an exciting technology and work perfectly with businesses of any size. Using VoIP technology for your communication needs can change and improve the way your business runs. VoIP systems are ideal for small businesses since the cost of calls is far cheaper than calls made using traditional phone systems. VoIP telephone systems […]

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Three Ways VoIP Can Help With Marketing

VoIP is simply a technical term for using the internet to make and receive telephone calls. It is extremely useful and small businesses will be able to exploit huge opportunities the technology presents. VoIP enables companies to connect with potential customers and works in exactly the same way Skype does. Instead of having to hand over your Skype handle and look unprofessional, VoIP enables you to give potential customers a phone number instead. Here are three ways of improving your small business marketing strategies by using VoIP.

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A Guide To Choosing A Business Telephone System

It goes without saying that having a good phone system is critical for companies. Aside from making it possible to communicate with customers and suppliers, a business phone line or VoIP telephone system provides features that make it easier to do your job. Having a dedicated phone system instead of allowing employees to use their personal devices protects the brand of the company and enables better communication between departments. Here are some tips on choosing the right phone system for you.

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BT Says It Will Not Longer Support PSTN And ISDN

BT has announced it will end PSTN & ISDN and if you depend on these technologies for your communication requirements that may sound alarming. If you are panicking, don’t worry, BT is giving companies 8 years to implement an alternative solution. If you aren’t quite sure what we mean by the tech terms we will explain what they mean, why they will no longer be supported and the best alternative technology.

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Guide To Interactive Voice Response Systems

An Interactive Voice Response System or IVR is the menu you hear and provide a response to when you make a call that directs you to the right department or person. When you use this function intelligently it really does improve the customers’ overall experience whilst making your employees more productive. All people have their own ideas when it comes to the basics of IVR’s but is there more than meets the eye?

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Tips For Mums Who Want To Work From Home

If you are a mother and are thinking of setting up your own business from home, you could potentially be part of a workforce that numbers one-million mums now working from home in the UK. If you are wondering how to start your business we certainly have some ideas that will allow you get started whilst also fitting what needs to be done around your family schedule.

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The Transition From On Premises To Hosted Telecoms Solutions Continues

There is transformation going in telephone technology at the moment where companies are replacing premises based solutions with hosted solutions such as Vonage VoIP instead. There is good reason for this, clients have the ability to obtain similar or better services whilst also getting rid of the high cost of hardware maintenance. Whilst it is likely most companies email and other applications have transitioned to the cloud already, it’s time to take a good look at an alternative phone system.

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Five Tips For Working From Home

Whether you are building a home business, engaging in part time work, coming back to work after a long break or looking for a better work-life balance, here are five great tips to make money working from home. Remember working from home is not all that it’s cracked up to be because you have to be very disciplined otherwise it’s very easy for things to go pear shaped quickly. If you take these tips for working from home, you will find you become more productive and possibly even profitable.

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Most Businesses Are Adopting VoIP

Do you intend to migrate your business towards VoIP technology? If you haven’t considered it, basically VoIP converts voice into data and transmits it over the internet rather than over traditional phone lines. Most businesses have adopted the technology because you can use it to instantly create a connection with clients and customers. According to a recent study it was found that about 80 per cent of businesses this year will use VoIP technology and here is why.

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Five Tips For Starting A Business On A Shoe String Budget

All small companies constantly face the need to find capital to get their businesses off the ground. However, if you are a little canny, there is a lot that can be done with little or no cash. You could for example use a VoIP service provider such as Vonage which will cut down on your telephone bills. That’s just one of many things that can be done. Here are a few useful tips for starting a business on a shoestring budget.

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