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Five Lesser Known Facts About VoIP

So in our last post we talked about five things that all small business owners should know about VoIP services and why they should all think about implementing a solution such as Vonage. In fact there are actually plenty of more reasons why you should sign up for Vonage and this post reveals five lesser known facts about VoIP and if you haven’t signed up for VoIP, you will after you read this!

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Five Things Small Businesses Should Know About VoIP

By now most people know VoIP as being a method of communicating by making phone calls over an internet connection rather than a traditional telephone line. What the technology does is convert voice traffic into data and then send it over a broadband connection. If you want to use VoIP you need an IP capable phone and a good broadband connection. There are significant benefits for small businesses who use VoIP, the most important of which are cheap calls. Here are five things you need to know about VoIP.

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5 Reasons to Use Vonage Extensions Mobile App

Vonage Extensions is a smart phone app that allows you to use your Vonage call plan direct from up to 2 selected smart phones. That means you can get unlimited minutes wherever you are direct from you mobile. Here are 5 reasons why Vonage Extensions is a great way to make cheap phone calls.

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Vonage Offers Unlimited Calls on Your Home Business Phone and Smartphone

Vonage is ideal if you are working from home or want cheap calls using the internet. There are a variety of features that make Vonage ideal as a business telecom solution. For a start you get unlimited calls to landlines in the UK and there are a number of features that come for no additional cost. You can take advantage of call waiting 3 way calling and even visual voicemail.

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5 Reasons Why VoIP Is Great as a Second Phone Line

Traditional telephony has gotten terribly expensive particularly when you compare it to the increasingly prevalent VoIP solutions on offer such as Vonage. Here are five reasons why we think signing up for Vonage as second phone line is a no brainer.

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Five Things To Consider Before You Switch Your Office To VoIP

(1) Make an assessment of your staff’s communication requirements, this means determining the number of employees that are tied to the desk and would benefit from mobile fixed line access. Your employees would have more freedom to do their job if they had the ability to work from home or roam.

(2) Examine your yearly telephone bill: You should evaluate the annual cost of your telecommunications service, in particular the number of international and mobile calls that have been made. Switching to a VoIP solution can shave as much as 50% of standard tariffs. Auditing your annual cost can be done both quickly and easily, potentially saving you a substantial amount of money.

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How To Ensure Your Telephone Runs During An Emergency

An ever larger number of UK citizens are cutting the copper, i.e. losing their traditional landline and relying instead on mobile phones and internet based telephony services such as Vonage VoIP.

What most people don’t know is these telephone systems can stop working when they are needed most, in the case of emergencies which cause power blackouts.

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Security Tips For Vonage Business Users

One way businesses and individuals can save money and trim costs is switching from traditional landlines to a less expensive Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service like Voange.

And whilst services like Vonage are extremely cost effective, they do present a unique set of security issues. Hacking has increased steadily, and the threat now included listening in on and recording phone conversations.

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Using Vonage To Make Cheap Overseas Calls

If you want to make an international call using the internet, then you need a broadband telephone service like Vonage. Vonage makes use of your existing handset and broadband connection to make calls over the internet as opposed to the traditional telephone line. All that you need to do is make use of a Vonage adapter that the company provides which connects your phone to your modem or router, and you are ready to make low cost international calls.

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